Malu Trevejo Shows Her Loving and Fun Side on Debut EP “Una Vez Mas”

Celeb Secrets sat down with the budding songstress to talk about the EP and being a role model for young girls.

The moment Malu Trevejo has been waiting for is finally here — her debut EP is out for everyone in the world to hear!

The 16-year-old Cuban born, Miami-based singer is putting it all out there on Una Vez Mas, boasting an array of tropical, sun-soaked bilingual bops to dance their way through the end of the summer.

The EP includes tracks”Adiós,” “Una Vez Mas,” “Hace Calor” featuring multi platinum artist and producer Jeon, of Aruba, and Malu’s lead single “Down 4 Your Love,” a euphoric and melodic surrender of love that has quickly amassed millions of streams around the world.

Fresh off the Tito’s Stage with DJ Susie at Lollapalooza on Sunday, Trevejo sat down with Celeb Secrets to talk about her debut project and what it’s like being a role model for young girls.

Photo Credit: Sonny Senser co Luieville And Company

Celeb Secrets: Can you explain what some of your artistic goals were for this EP overall? 

Malu Trevejo: “I wanted to capture my loving and fun side and put it into my music, and to put out some great songs for the summer.” 

Celeb Secrets: Your song “Down for Your Love” features parts in Spanish and English. Talk me through your decision making on including both languages in the song. 

Malu Trevejo: “For me it is important to have both English and Spanish in my songs because it is a part of me and my culture. I am Cuban and raised in Spain but I live in the United States so I speak both languages interchangeably.” 

Celeb Secrets: You were born in Cuba, then moved to Spain, then Miami. Do you feel like each of these places have a strong identity in this EP? 

Malu Trevejo: “Yes, all of the places I’ve lived strongly influence my music, especially in this EP with the mix in cultures.” 

Celeb Secrets: “Hace Calor” is such a great song for the summer! What was it like working with Jeon? 

Malu Trevejo: “I loved working with Jeon. He is so talented and it was so fun going to Aruba to shoot the music video.” 

Celeb Secrets: You’ve had to deal with bullies and negative comments both on and offline. What advice would you give to young girls having similar experiences? 

Malu Trevejo: “My advice to those dealing with bullies is to not pay attention to what they say, to love yourself, and to continue to chase your dreams. If you respond you give them what they want.” 

Celeb Secrets: Do you see yourself as a role model for young girls? 

Malu Trevejo: “I’m just myself and I try to encourage others to be the same. I am very real and very open and I think a lot of girls out there can relate.” 

Celeb Secrets: What do you want your female fans, especially, to take away from the songs on Una Vez Mas?

Malu Trevejo: “Like my music, you don’t need to be defined into one category. We’re all different.”

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Written by Juliet Schroder

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