Mandy Rain Talks Debut EP “Riot” – Read the Q&A! (@realmandyrain)

Courtesy of Mandy Rain
Courtesy of Mandy Rain
Courtesy of Mandy Rain

Mandy Rain‘s Riot EP is officially out on iTunes!

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter released the debut record last Tuesday, January 27th on Mandyland/Empire Records. The EP features seven new original songs, including her current single “Riot” and “Dare to Love” with former Disney Channel actor Kenton Duty. 

CS4U caught up with Mandy recently to chat about Riot EP. In our interview, Mandy talks about how she chose the seven tracks for the record, the process behind making Riot EP, her favorite song off the EP, and her plans for 2015. Read below!

CS4U: You just released you debut solo EP, “Riot.” How did you decide which songs would make the cut and show the world who you are?

Mandy Rain: “It was really a hard decision. I have so many greta songs from great producers. I guess it really just came down to which were my favorite, and which i felt spoke about my life the most, and the experiences i’ve been though, and that’s what i ended up going with.”

CS4U: What was the recording process like for you?

Mandy Rain: “It was amazing, because it wasn’t just recording. It was meeting new writers that i’ve never worked with, learning new things about myself, about writing, and then recording as well. This record has really taught me a lot about myself, and what i want with my music.”

CS4U: What is your favorite song off the EP?

Mandy Rain: “It started off with I Just Want To Love You, and now it is Back To Bad. It is a fun dance record that makes me wanna move.”

CS4U: Do you have any show or touring plans for 2015?

Mandy Rain: “Yes, shows will always be posted on my twitter @realmandyrain, or, so keep checking back there for more information on where you can come see me!!”

CS4U: Since our website is called CS4U, do you have any secrets or hidden talents you can share?

Mandy Rain: “I can cross my pinky toe over my forth toe in without using my hands! Haha, not sure if thats a talent but I haven’t met anyone else that can do that so I feel special :).”

Written by Juliet Schroder

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