Matthew Daddario & Alberto Rosende Talk ‘Shadowhunters’ Season 2 Relationships & Growth
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In tonight’s episode of Shadowhunters, everyone was on the hunt for Jace (Dominic Sherwood) for their own individual reasons.

Already cut off from the Institute and his friends, Jace found his situation grow worse when he became a target for the New York wolf pack who believe he is a killer. And don’t forget about Aldertree and the Shadowhunters who continued their own hunt for Jace! With Jace becoming the most wanted man in New York, did his friends get to him before everyone else?

*If you watched the episode, you know the answer — if not, stop what you’re doing and watch right now!*

Also in tonight’s episode, Simon (Alberto Rosende) was on a search to find his mother after receiving numerous calls from her. Raphael also put pressure on him to find Camille, as she is becoming more dangerous each day that goes by.

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Last month, we caught up with Matthew Daddario and Alberto Rosende to talk about what’s to come for their characters this upcoming season.

Daddario of course mentioned that fans and shippers will see a lot of ‘Malec’ chemistry, but he also was excited to see how fans will react to the Parabatai between Jace and Alec — which was a very strong theme in tonight’s episode. On the other hand, Rosende talked about how Simon is struggling with telling Clary (Kat McNamara) how he really feels about her and how he will deal with telling his mom he’s actually a vampire.

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The story will continue to unfold next week, as Clary (McNamara) continues to struggle with the new Shadowhunter order as Jace is being held in The City of Bones with an unknown fate, and all suspicion in the Shadowhunter world continues to rest on Valentine’s daughter.

When duty calls, Clary gets a little reprieve from the family drama as she helps Alec (Daddario) and Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) hunt down a powerful demon. But what starts out as a routine mission quickly puts the Institute on high alert, and what happens next will change everything for the Shadowhunters and their Downworlder friends.

Meanwhile, Jocelyn has a proposition for Clary as Raphael and Simon ramp up their hunt for Camille.

Check out the video above for more and make sure to catch new episodes of Shadowhunters every Monday @ 8PM ET/PT on Freeform.

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