Music Monday: Meet Smashing Satellites (@SmashingSatellites)

Sam Corsey/CelebSecrets4U
Sam Corsey/CelebSecrets4U
Sam Corsey/CelebSecrets4U

Happy Monday, readers!

Our “Music Monday” artist this week is alternative rock group Smashing Satellites. 

Hailing from Toronto, ON, Smashing Satellites is more than just a band, it’s a movement. Founded by Salvatore Costa who possesses one of the most powerful and unique vocal timbre’s in music and is an accomplished musician by industry standards since a very young age, the first melodies came from the pain and anger rooted in his recent past and were born in that darkness. As time healed and his writing continued something much greater and more positive came to life in many different songs connecting all of Salvatore’s feelings, experience, passions, observations, philosophies, and lifestyle in his new music.

“‘Smashing Satellites’ is my timeline of good times and bad times, sad times and happy, vulnerability and confrontation,” Salvatore says. “‘Smashing Satellites’ is my view of the world, the way I wish it was and the way it could be. It is my ideas and thoughts. ‘Smashing Satellites’ is the novel to my universe, and it will continue writing itself one chapter at a time as life carries on.” he adds.

Smashing Satellites released their debut EP SonicAluzion (A-Side) this September. The 5-track EP features songs such as the emotional “Taste of Fame” and “Few and Far Between,” the feel-good “This Is Paradise,” and their current single “Waterfalls.” The tropical feel on SoniceAluzion (A-Side) is a pleasant surprise and shows how diverse Smashing Satellites really is. Currently, the band is out on the road performing songs off the debut record at various radio and headlining show across the United States and Canada.

CS4U was able to catch Smashing Satellites at their headlining show at the iconic Pianos in New York City. The band put on a stellar performance for the intimate crowd and we were truly impressed by how much talent the guys have. After their performance, CS4U caught up with band member and founder Salvatore Costa, where he spoke about his favorite part about touring, the writing and recording process for the band’s debut EP and why YOU, our readers, should listen to Smashing Satellites! Salvatore also spoke about his obsession with wearing onesies — make sure to read the Q&A below!

For more information on Smashing Satellites, visit their website at

CS4U: So you just wrapped up your performance here at Pianos in New York City, so how was the crowd today?

Salvatore: “It was pretty cool. It was really good, I haven’t played New York in awhile, and New York can be a scary place to play because there’s so many things to do in New York, so I feel like in general people go to more shows so there’s more things to compare it to, so I sometimes feel like oh, maybe the audience is going to be a bit stale, because they’re so used to seeing great shows all the time, but tonight everyone seemed to be going off like crazy and having a good time, so it made me feel good.”

CS4U: And this is the first show of your tour, so what can fans expect coming to your concert?

Salvatore: “Just, honestly, what we do in our rehearsals. We just have a good time.  We just love playing music, and we just try to do that every day, whether it’s a big venue or a small venue, or it’s in our rehearsal space, we’re just having a good time, and I think if the artist is having a good time, then the people watching the artist are having a good time too.”

CS4U: What’s your favorite part about touring?

Salvatore: “I have to say, going to a place where you don’t know anybody, but everybody seems to know your song. And that’s a pretty beautiful thing to be onstage and look out in the crowd and people are singing your music, and you’ve never met them before, and just to think that something you created has affected their life, I think that’s the most exciting thing about being on tour.”

CS4U: And you guys did release an EP in September, so what can you tell us about it?

Salvatore: “Well, we recorded a whole record but released five songs first, the EP. It captures a certain timeline of my life, and we spent a lot of time on it. I was out in LA for six or seven months recording it and making it. I think one of the standout features of the record is that I took so much time to do it, and it doesn’t feel rushed. Now even when I listen to it, even with my own critical ear, and I’m usually unimpressed with everything I do, but this record is just so me. It’s everything that I wanted it to be. Whether people like it or not, or if it has mass appeal or not, I’m proud of it.”

CS4U: And why do you think our readers should check out Smashing Satellites?

Salvatore: I think because it’s a little twist of old and a little twist of new, so I think any age demographic will enjoy a piece of the record, not necessarily the whole thing, but I think there’s something for everybody in the record.

CS4U: Since our website is called CelebSecrets4U, do you have any secrets or hidden talents, something that the fans don’t know about you?

Salvatore: “I’ve got a lot of secrets. I don’t know how many I can tell! I don’t know…I like to wear onesies.”

CS4U: Okay, that is a secret!

Salvatore: “Yeah, it’s a secret. They’re cozy and I’m not ashamed of it. I walk around the house in a giant onesie sometimes because it’s cozy.”

CS4U: Is there a favorite onesie that you have?

Salvatore: “I have these Christmas onesies with little flaps on the back, and sometimes my friends will come over to my house in like June, and I’m wearing a Christmas onesie with like lights and Christmas trees all over it, and they’re like “dude, what the hell is wrong with you?” So I like onesies. I’m like a giant baby.”

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