Megan Davies Spills Secrets About Making Her Debut EP “Bad Poetry”

The singer/songwriter also reveals what she wants listeners to take away from her music.

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Anyone could post covers online, but only a few could stand out and make it their career. That’s exactly what Megan Davies calls her “job” — taking today’s hottest songs and putting them into unique, intricate mashup arrangements.

While she may be known for her “See You Again/Love Me Like You Do/Sugar” mashup and “Royals” cover with Emily Hackett, Davies also has killer original music, which she began releasing over the summer of 2017 with Bad Poetry EP.

Megan’s Bad Poetry EP marks a beautiful transition in her sound — from stripped down and raw, to heavily organic production while maintaining the integrity of her traditionally guitar-driven style. The EP is a truly balanced collection of gems dabbling in various topics and styles. Lead single “Black and White” takes listeners through the familiar, conflicting process of growing up. “Only Us” taps into relationships with beautifully stacked harmonies, while “Walk Away” exemplifies Megan’s guitar prowess with cutting lyrics. “Blind Fools” approaches real-life and stereotypes with freestyle-like verses. And the title track “Bad Poetry” is about self-acceptance – because in someone’s opinion, it might be “bad poetry”, but to everyone else, it’s actually the most honest and perfect debut for Megan Davies.

Celeb Secrets caught up with Davies recently where she spilled secrets about making her EP Bad Poetry, growing her presence online, and what she wants her listeners to take away from her music.

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