Megan Nicole Talks New Movie “Summer Forever” with CelebSecrets4U – Read the Q&A! (@megannicole)


We are so excited for the premiere of the new movie Summer Forever!

To get you ready for its debut, CS4U is giving you the breakdown on what you can expect from the film straight from the main character herself, Megan Nicole.

Summer Forever follows three life-long best friends who vow to make their last weekend of summer before beginning “adult life” and heading off to college, the most epic of their lives with a “YOLO” pact.

One of the first of its kind, this digital movie musical stars Megan Nicole, Anna Grace Barlow, Alyson Stoner, Ryan McCartan, Stephen Colletti and Jensen Paniterre, and will be released this coming August.

CelebSecrets4U caught up with Megan Nicole recently to chat all things Summer Forever! In our interview, Megan talks about her character Sydney, what it was like being apart of a musical, the recording process for the soundtrack, and her favorite memory from filming. Megan even shares with us what she would do if it was “summer forever” and gives advice to YOU if you’re moving away fr college this fall — make sure to read the full Q&A below!

Summer Forever premieres this August. For more information on Summer Forever, visit

CS4U: Summer Forever premieres this August — what can you tell us about the film and your character?

Megan Nicole: “Summer Forever follows three best friends and its their last weekend together before they head off to college, so they decide make a list of things they want to accomplish before the weekend is over. My character Sydney is a musician who loves her family and friends — she’s always pursuing everyone around her to chase after their dreams, but meanwhile she’s afraid to pursue her own.”

CS4U: The characters are going their separate ways for college. A lot of our readers are around that age – do you have any advice for the ones that are moving away from home for school?

Megan Nicole: “I ended up leaving home almost a year early because I moved out to California my 11th grade year. One thing you have to remember is that the people that are your close friends will keep in touch with you. Don’t worry about losing those friendships because those will be long-lasting. As you step into this next chapter of your life, embrace the journey and discover what you are passionate about and don’t feel like you have to have it all figured out immediately. I think that’s one of the biggest challenges is the second you graduate high school, people expect you to have your whole entire life planned out. Take the time to discover what your passions are and just be kind to people and enjoy the journey of life.”

CS4U: Summer Forever is a musical, so what was that like filming a musical?

Megan Nicole: “It was so fun! What’s different about Summer Forever is that its not like your traditional musical where everyone busts out into song and dance. These songs were kind of placed organically throughout the film. Of course there were a few of moments where we were singing what was going on in our head at that moment. Each song is definitely super catchy, and I know that people probably won’t get them out of their heads when they watch Summer Forever — I still haven’t!”

CS4U: What was it like recording music for the musical?

Megan Nicole: “It was a lot of fun! We had a great team of songwriters that came up with some awesome musical numbers for the movie that just really helped develop the story. It was really cool too because my track Summer Forever was also part of the record. I also got to write two of the songs that will be featured on the movie’s soundtrack.”

CS4U: If you could have “summer forever,” what would you want to do? 

Megan Nicole: “If I could have summer forever I would definitely go to Disneyland and spend time at the beach. I would also like to sleep in sometimes since my lifestyle is nonstop!”

CS4U: Why do you think our readers should watch Summer Forever when it premieres on YouTube in August?

Megan Nicole: “I think that the readers should check out Summer Forever because I feel like there’s something there for everyone to relate to. We all go through this transition in our life and the cool thing about it is that I know a lot of my fans are currently in this transition. Not only do they get to enjoy the movie aspect of it, but they also get to hear the original songs in the movie as well.

Written by Juliet Schroder

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