Meghan Linsey Launches Makeup Line Today – See the Products! (@meghanlinsey)

Juliet Schroder/CelebSecrets4U
Juliet Schroder/CelebSecrets4U

Meghan Linsey is adding a makeup collection brand to her portfolio!

The season 8 runner-up of The Voice announced her collaboration with Previse and Modern Minerals which will introduce high-quality makeup created with natural ingredients today. The collection, available here, will consist of a clutch containing lip plumper (this is a custom color Meghan designed with Modern Minerals), eyeshadow and primer.

“The Believer collection is not just a beauty brand,” says Meghan. “It is part of my vision to use music, beauty, and fashion as a platform to support and empower women, and spread a message of love to all. Beauty is not skin deep, it’s about glowing from the inside out. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand.”

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“Over the years, I have had many ups and downs and some major setbacks,” adds Meghan.  “I went from having nothing, to having it all…then having the rug pulled right out from under me again. I took my experience and fear and turned it into fuel. I had to change to survive. As women, we are all sometimes put in difficult situations that demand that the love and support of our sisterhood. I believe if we continue to support and lift each other up as women and a community we will thrive!”

Check out the full makeup line below.


Touch of Blush Lip Plumper

“I wanted to create the perfect lip plumper color for any occasion. Blush is the perfect nude with just a hint of pink and a subtle shimmer! It’s not too sticky and it has just a little bit of bite to give you that buxom bombshell pout!”


HydroMilk Primer

“HydroMilk is a rockstar primer! I put it on while my face is still damp and let it soak in, and then I apply my makeup. I love how breezy it feels on my skin, while giving me just the right amount of moisture! My makeup has never gone on this smooth!”


MegStar Eyeshadow

“MegStar is a magical shimmer powder that will leave stars ON your eyes! It’s beautiful all by itself, but can easily be used to transform your favorite eyeshadow into an iridescent dream.”

Juliet Schroder

Written by Juliet Schroder

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