Meghann Fahy Says It’s “Incredible” that “The Bold Type” Tackles Such Important Issues – Exclusive

Fahy also calls the show “fun, sexy, colorful, and fast paced.”

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Freeform is one of our favorite networks in television right now for this one reason — they create amazing shows while covering important issues our country and the people in it face in present time.

Their latest dramedy The Bold Type is everything a young millennial (especially female) is going through in their lives right now. It follows three fierce best friends, Jane (Katie Stevens), Sutton (Meghann Fahy), and Kat (Aisha Dee), as they navigate their career, sexuality and identity, and ultimately find their own voice in a sea of intimidating leaders. The show pretty much covers it all — from sex and relationships to politics and fashion, The Bold Type perfectly represents every fierce woman of this generation and the challenges they face every day in the nation’s current climate.

“We’re talking about some pretty important stuff on The Bold Type. We touch on politics, sexuality, and women’s health and it’s absolutely incredible,” Meghann Fahy shared with Celeb Secrets.

Freeform/Phillippe Bosse

Fahy plays Sutton Brady on the series, who tries not to feel left behind by her best friends as she still toils in the assistant ranks.

Sutton is really hard working and passionate,” Meghann said. “What we’re going to see from her in this first season is that she’s really taking some time to figure out what she’s actually passionate about. She loves working at Scarlett, she’s so happy with that. But of the three girls she’s an assistant and doesn’t feel like she’s being challenged, so we’re going to watch her sort of say ‘I know what I wanna do and I’m gonna do it’.”

But she shocks Jane and Kat when they uncover a major secret Sutton has been keeping – her scandalous affair with lusted-after Scarlet magazine lawyer Richard (Sam Page).

“The Sutton/Richard relationship I think is amazing because it could be so cliche and it isn’t. These are two people who really care about each other and they both recognize what’s at stake,” she told CS. “For Sutton, it’s a little bit more risky because she’s a younger woman involved with an older man and she’s afraid that people would think that she’s only having success within the company because she’s dating him. It’s unfortunately a really realistic issue, but it poses a really tricky situation because they do care about each other and they do want to be together, but at the same time she’s young, just starting out her career, and working her butt off to try to get to a place where she feels really happy. To compromise that with a relationship is something that she has to think really seriously about and decide whether or not its worth it.”

The drama continues on tonight’s episode of The Bold Type, titled “No Feminism in the Champagne Room.” Jane is stunned when the subject of her latest article, a woman who left a finance job to become an exotic dancer, threatens to sue Scarlet – and Jane.

Sutton is excited when she thinks she’s making a step forward in her career, while Kat questions whether she is ready for a real relationship with anyone, especially in light of recent events with Adena.

Watch tonight’s brand-new episode of The Bold Type at 9PM ET/PT on Freeform. You can watch some sneak peeks below and click through the gallery for some stills!

Written by Juliet Schroder

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