ABC Family’s “Melissa & Joey” Officially Cancelled – Get the Scoop!

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ABC Family’s famous sitcom Melissa and Joey has been cancelled after having aired four seasons.

The sitcom will stop production this week after having recorded over a hundred episodes. “We are proud of the milestones Melissa & Joey has achieved, being the network’s first sitcom to reach 100 episodes and the network’s first comedy to win a People’s Choice Award,” said ABC Family executive Karey Burke.

The shows ratings have also dropped throughout the last couple of seasons with only 740,000 viewers while last season they had over a million viewers. This could be one of the biggest reasons why the show was cancelled. However Burke did say,“Now that the kids are grown and Mel and Joe have married and are looking towards starting a family, it seemed like a natural time to bring the series to a close. We are grateful to Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence, and the whole cast and crew who worked so hard on this successful show.”

Melissa Joan Hart was the one who broke the news to fans on her Instagram page.

The show has only aired 6 episodes from this season and still have 22 more episodes to release, so fans still have a good number of weeks to enjoy the show. The show’s 100th episode will be aired on March 18th for their mid-season finale and will continue to air its final episodes in the summer.

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