Michelle Kash Brings Sultry Vibes to Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus”

The singer/songwriter sat down with Celeb Secrets to talk about her newest cover.

Photo Credit: Nick Spanos

Michelle Kash is putting her own twist on Depeche Mode‘s “Personal Jesus” and it’s absolutely stunning.

The LA-based singer/songwriter’s seductive, fiery take on alternative pop is equally evocative and empowering in its confidence and charisma. In between echoes of swelling synths, her voice tows the line between a coy croon and a commanding chant on “Personal Jesus,” painting her as a 21st century temptress.

“I’ve always been looking for some cover to bring to the live set that I really connect with and that’s where ‘Personal Jesus’ came in,” Kash tells Celeb Secrets.  “When I was going through ideas, I instantly thought of [the song] because it’s one of the most legendary songs and I really connected with it with the arrangement.”

“When I sing ‘Personal Jesus,’ I have a vision of a sexual savior within myself or that I look for in others,” she shares. “It’s gritty and shadowy like an after-hours party. I hadn’t seen a woman cover the song, which added a different dimension. It paves the way for where I want to go musically.”

“Personal Jesus” follows Michelle‘s two previously released singles, “Smoking Gun,” a mesmerizing track about succumbing to the irresistible temptation of a toxic lover, and “Hurt Me,” a track that examines the difficulty of staying happy in a relationship without passion from a partner.

You can learn more about Michelle Kash and her music by watching our interview below.

Juliet Schroder

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