Mike Posner Skinny Dips in New “Be As You Are” Music Video – Watch Now! (@MikePosner)


After nearly a 5 year break, Mike Posner is back and cooler than ever with his empowering new video for “Be As You Are” off of his latest EP, The Truth. 

Posner wrote and produced the song with another songwriter and producer, Adam Friedman. “We were playing around on the beach one day, taking photos and came up with this idea to have people cleanse themselves of the labels that they self-impose,” said Posner on his site.

The video features people of all shapes, sizes, ages and races holding signs displaying negative stereotypes. After ripping up their signs, they shed their clothes and run off into the ocean. Posner joins them after tearing up his “Afraid” label, which is a symbolic moment in the next chapter of his career.

Check out the official video below.

You can purchase Posner’s EP, The Truth, HERE or stream it on Spotify.
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