Missing Missy Elliot No More? @MissyElliot , @KatyPerry




So the Super Bowl this year was super intense and super addicting. The two teams had their fans roaring to go already posting about their guesses on the outcome. No one could guess on the surprising change of score on the last minute play where the Seahawks gave up a touchdown which resulted in the Patriots  taking home the title. However this wasn’t the most interesting topic of discussion. The half-time show is always known to be a show stopper and this year wasn’t any different. Katy Perry showed off why we call her the “Pop-Princess“. On stage she brought us back a few years to our favorites and not just on her tracklist.

First her Hit Single “I kissed a Girl” was paired with Lenny Kravitz jamming at the guitar. Then she went on to play her other hit singles including her beachy tune “California Girls“. Then a familiar beat started to play and everyone on their living room couch jumped in the air as soon as they heard the begining tune to “Get Ur Freak On”. Missy Elliot came out and performed her hit singles that we early millennium kids know backwards and forwards. We were jamming to her old hits and suddenly it was 2006 again. Once she left the stage it had us wondering…is Missy Elliot staging a come back? We cant say we don’t hope so. She did post on her twitter the day after the performance saying “Tbh I didn’t realize how much I was missed til last night.I’m crying y’all 4give me I just can’t stop thanking God & y’all“. We don’t know if she is now in the studio or not, but if she wonders if her fans want another ground breaking album the answer is yes!