Monica Does A Reading In Front Of Her Dad For The First Time Tonight On ‘Monica The Medium’ – Watch a Clip! (@MonicaMediumTV @MonicatheMedium @ABCFamily)


When Monica’s dad comes to visit from Afghanistan, he finally witnesses her give a reading on an all-new episode of Monica the Medium, airing Tuesday, September 29th at 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

On tonight’s episode, Monica’s dad flies over from Afghanistan to visit Monica and her sisters. He’s never really believed that Monica could communicate with the dead, but will he finally change his mind and accept her gifts when Spirit comes through for a fellow diner at dinner? 

Plus, Monica goes on her first official date with Mitch, only to get interrupted by Spirit. Later, Monica senses that someone near and dear to her is pregnant, but no one’s admitting anything.

Check out some clips and stills from tonight’s episode below.

Photos: Donald Rager/ABC Family