Monique Coleman Is Empowering Youth With New Docuseries ‘GimmeMO’ – Q&A

The Disney actress created a new motivational television series premiering tonight on Discovery Life.

Hey Wildcats! Are you ready to make a change and ask for more? Well, Monique Coleman is on a mission to help you do just that! The actress and youth activist has developed a new television series titled called ‘Gimme MO’ (love the play on words!) that will premiere on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 8:00 a.m. on Discovery Life.

In addition to overseeing creation and production, the former High School Musical actress will host the weekly docuseries that dives into social and emotional issues that impact youths. Check out the trailer!

Each episode of ‘Gimme MO’ will focus on a topic affecting young people both in the U.S, and worldwide – like bullying, body image & self esteem, the pressure of fame, health & wellness, youth homelessness, sexual assault and sex trafficking. The show takes viewers on a journey to expose the issues that young people face while offering resources on how viewers can help to support those affected.

We wanted to know more about the show so we did a little Q&A with Monique to get the deets on the inspiring new show! Keep reading for the full transcript.

CS: Tell me about your new show – what is it about? What can fans expect?

Monique Coleman: “‘Gimme MO’ is a topic based docu-series that amplifies youth voices and shines a light on the people who are making the world a safer, better place for young people! Fans can expect to laugh, cry, and hopefully be inspired to make a difference in their communities.”

CS: Can you dig deeper into to some of the topics you cover in the show?

Monique Coleman: “Bullying, youth homelessness, body positivity, and social media are just a few of the topics that we address on the show. We’ll also cover human trafficking, how the #MeToo movement affected young people, and the importance of diverse representation in media. More than what we talk about, it’s how we talk about it that matters. ‘Gimme MO’’ approaches each topic with an open mind, curiosity, and compassion. We want to initiate much needed conversations and cause people to think outside the box.”

CS: What was really the source of inspiration for the show? How did you choose the topics to cover? What topic would you love to dive into/raise awareness to on the show?

Monique Coleman: Honestly, the show stemmed from my passion for youth and desire to make a difference. I also realized long ago that fame was never going to be as fulfilling as giving back. Once I realized that, I made a commitment to use my platform for good. Most of the topics are based on timeless issues that we see in our everyday experiences, and some are based on current events.”

CS: What was your experience like making this show? Any favorite memories?

Monique Coleman: “Being both a producer and the host was challenging at times, but it was also an amazing experience. I worked with a primarily female team led by my incredible producer and friend Lea Zesati and our director Valentina Vee. It was extremely important to me that my crew reflected the world I want to see – more women in leadership roles and diversity.”

CS: Describe your experience on this show (host/producer/ reporter) compared to some of the other popular project you’ve been a part of?

Monique Coleman: “This is different than anything I’ve ever been a part of because it’s an original idea. I’m sharing my heart and there’s no where to hide. When I show up on someone else’s set, I’m part of their vision. Now, I’m sharing my vision with the world. It’s exciting, but at times scary.”

CS: Why is activism so important to you?

Monique Coleman: I believe that each of us was given a divine purpose and it’s our job in life to figure what that is and act on it. To me, activism is about engaging on the issues you’re passionate about. I think it’s important because we all have different interests. If everyone does their part, we can solve many of the problems we currently face.”

CS: Why do you hope young people watch your show and what do you hope they get out of it?

Monique Coleman: I hope that when young people watch the show, they feel loved, supported, and seen. I also want them to feel motivated to get out into their communities and do good.”

CS: High School Musical 4 and a High School Music series have been announced. Would you ever return to guest star on the movie and/or mentor for the show? What advice would you give to the upcoming cast?

Monique Coleman: I would absolutely consider being involved in the upcoming HSM projects. My advice for the upcoming cast(s) is simply to enjoy the ride. Too often we focus on the results we desire and miss out on the journey! Also, try not to get caught up in what people will think. Have fun :)”

CS: How does it make you feel to see the lasting impact the High School musical franchise has had?

Monique Coleman: I’m honestly still floored by the impact High School Musical has had on culture. I couldn’t be more grateful for the platform that it’s given me to fulfill my purpose! I often have young adults approach me and say that I was a part of their childhood. That’s amazing to me. I think back to the stars I looked up to as a kid and it’s an honor to have become that for this generation.”

CS: Any random secrets you can share with us? We are Celeb Secrets!

Monique Coleman: I have a tattoo of two birds on my ankle ;)”


Written by Cassie Hudson