Moxie Raia Opens Up About Her New Music Video for ‘Shades of Blue’ – Exclusive

Celeb Secrets learned about what it is was like for the artist to direct, edit, and choreograph her own music video

In her career, Moxie Raia has released music with some of the best of the best in the music industry. From Post Malone and Pusha T to Wyclef, we thought the songstress had done it all – until now.

With help from Director of Photography Gus Bendinelli, Moxie’s newest music video is unlike any other she’s ever released for more reasons than one.

We met up with Moxie at her show at the Belmont Mansion in Nashville to talk about her new music video for “Shades of Blue,” which she is more than just the star of.

Celeb Secrets: Your on radio tour promoting Shades of Blue, and I have to touch on this video. You directed, edited AND choreographed it. What was your mindset like going into that day? 

Moxie Raia: “That was a very interesting week for my mental health. It was a huge undertaking, and I knew that, but I’ve done a bunch of videos and I knew I could handle it. I knew what I wanted to do, and I just wanted to do exactly the vision I had in my head. Yeah, I legit threw up that morning.”

CS: Did you come up with the concept [for the music video] by yourself? 

Moxie Raia: “Yeah! I just had this vision in my head of what I wanted it to look like.”

CS: How long did it take for you to come up with and learn the choreography? 

Moxie Raia: “My friend Jennifer Bermio and I, we’ve been dancing together since we were 8-years-old, choreographed it in about three rehearsals. The two dancers in the video are my favorite two dancers, and I literally just direct messaged them saying, ‘you’re my favorite female dancer’ and ‘you’re my favorite male dancer’ and they said yes [to being in the video].”

CS: Let’s talk about the writing process. When you’re getting ready to write a song, what’s the first thing you have in your mind?

Moxie Raia: “Really, it starts with lyrics. Either a lyric that I like or a concept I’ve been thinking about, and I usually start it in my notes in my phone. I hear something that inspires me or I’m in a conversation with somebody, and I think of something, and I just write it down in my notes – I have so many lyrics in my phone. So when I go to a studio or we’re messing around and someone starts playing something on piano, or a track, I’ll think ‘oh, this reminds me of this concept’ and I just kind of start from there.”

CS: What’s next in 2019 for you?

Moxie Raia: “So much! I’m releasing three new songs right off the bat in January, February, and March. They’re a little bit more uptempo, which is something a lot people really haven’t heard from me, and I’m doing this all independently. So, it’s all just kind of a rebirth right now, and I feel like the wheels are just starting to turn again. We’re just going to get the train moving!”

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Written by Chelsea Cannon