Music Monday: Alvarez Kings (@alvarezkings)

We have another UK-based band for you to check out this Monday! Their name? Alvarez Kings.

US fans may have gotten a taste of Alvarez Kings this summer on the 2013 Vans Warped Tour and now they are ready to tour their homeland during Vans Warped Tour UK this November! Did you know they shared a bus with our dudes in Allstar Weekend (now known as The Tragic Thrills)?

Alvarez Kings has become a staple of their local music scene while gaining an international fanbase through music festivals like SXSW and Warped Tour. Their live shows have earned them the award for “Best Band” at the Toast Magazine Awards and “Best Live Band” at the Sheffield Scenester Awards. Their current single, “Postcards from Berlin,” deals with the consequences gaining such exposure. The band told Alternative Press:”‘Postcards From Berlin’ is about the trials and tribulations whilst on the road touring from city to city with your friends [who become] makeshift family. But, all the while [you have] this gravitational pull back to home and back to a loved one.”‘

Check out the music video for “Postcards from Berlin” below. Do YOU like Alvarez Kings?

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