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4329Happy Monday, CelebSecrets4U readers!

Every week, we introduce you to new music. This week, we give you up-and-coming pop artist Lovey James.

Lovey is a talented singer and dancer who’s passion for music started at the young age of 6 years old. In 2012, Lovey met producer/writer Steve Sundholm (Carrie Underwood, Ryan Tedder, Hall & Oats, Jet). With his help, Lovey started performing local shows and at radio stations. Steve and Lovey then traveled to LA from her hometown of Portland for a chance to work with producer PJ Bianco (Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, The Jonas Brothers) who co-wrote and produced Lovey‘s hit, “Don’t Be Such A Chick.”

Now halfway through 2013, Lovey is preparing for her first nation tour, which will start later this year in New York and span 26 total cities.

Lovey James has just released her latest music video, “Who You Are. The music video is now on Lovey’s VEVO Channel. The song is available for purchase on iTunes.

JSYK: It’s Lovey’s sixteenth birthday today! Happy Sweet 16, Lovey!

For more information on Lovey James, be sure to visit her online at

CelebSecrets4U caught up with the rising star to find out about her musical influences, what she loves about performing, and more! Read the Q&A below…

CelebSecrets4U: How did get involved in the music business?

Lovey James: “I started out as a competitive dancer and during one of my competitions I entered the vocal category.  I won the competition and started competing and winning.  After winning Hillsboro Teen Idol it really started to take off.”

CS4U: Who are your musical influences?

LJ: “My musical influences include Ariane Grande and Selena Gomez.  I like their style and their fun personalities.  I really like Katy Perry as well.  Pop with Personality is my style and it’s how I would describe all of them.”

CS4U: You recently played a show with Trevor Moran and a benefit show performance for anti-bullying for fall jam, what was that like?

“My show with Trevor Moran in Portland, Oregon was one of the most exciting experiences for me so far.  It was sold out and the audience was amazing.  There was so much energy in the room and it was an incredible experience.  I had the opportunity to sing a duet with Trevor.  We sang the Popular Song by MIKA ft. Ariana Grande.  We had so much fun working together.   The anti-bullying event was held in New York.  It was my first trip to New York so I was so excited.  The best part about this trip was meeting all the other artists that were there.  We spent two days together and it made me realize that I really love what I do.”

CS4U: What is your favorite part about performing?

LJ: “My favorite part about performing is interacting with the fans. I love to sing and dance but the reactions from my fans is my favorite part.”

CS4U: You have a new single “Who You Are” that recently came out, what does the song mean to you?

LJ: “”Who You Are” is a very special song because the people who wrote it, wrote it for me specifically and they hold a special place in my heart.  The message behind this song is so relevant today because it reminds young girls and boys not to give in to peer pressure.  That they don’t need to be fake.  In the end it’s about being You, not what the world wants or thinks you should be.”

CS4U: Can we expect another single or an EP anytime soon?

LJ: “I just recently did a Christmas cover that has a very strong message.  Watch for it to be released around Thanksgiving.  I am also going to be in the studio working on a new single in the beginning of December.”
CS4U: Since our website is called CelebSecrets4U, can you share one secret or hidden talent with us?

LJ: “Something that not everyone knows about me is that I can sing and talk with my mouth closed.  I can sing a full ballad without opening my mouth.  When Trevor and I worked together I showed him and he is the first person that I have met that has been able to do it as well.  I think there might be a closed mouth duet coming soon.”

Lovey James
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