Music Monday: Meet AJ Lehrman (@AJLehrman)

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Happy Monday, readers!

Meet our new Music Monday artist this week, AJ Lehrman.

AJ Lehrman is an inspirational and social engaged up and coming singer whose fresh and young, guy next door appeal is a missing piece in today’s market. With Nick Jonas as his mentor, AJ is sure to win the hearts of girls across the country fast. His social numbers are amazing for someone so new and is sure fire sign that he will be the next big artist.

AJ has been performing since he could walk and hold a microphone at the same time. At 16 years old, AJ has had the honor to perform at many charity events, including performing at Met Life Stadium for Big Brothers Big Sisters of NY. AJ has recently joined forces with DoSomething.orgthe largest organization for young people and social change, and will embark on a school tour to raise awareness for No Bull, a unique text message experience that gives young people a variety of ways to intervene with bullying in specific situations.

In his free time, AJ can be seen hanging out with his family—his “best friends”—playing or watching basketball, tennis, football, baseball or soccer.

CelebSecrets4U caught up with AJ Lehrman recently to talk all things music and giving back! In our interview, the rising pop artist talks about the inspiration behind his track “Unbelievable,” his musical sound, and what fans can expect when they see AJ perform live in front of large crowds. He even spoke about his partnership with, where he raises awareness about bullying through the #NoBull campaign. AJ also tells us a juicy secret about himself — let’s just say to stay away from AJ when you are munching on french fries! Make sure to check out the Q&A below.

For more information on AJ Lehrman, make sure to follow him on Twitter at @AJ_Lehrman.

CS4U: What is the inspiration behind your song, “Unbelievable”?

AJ Lehrman: “I believe that if we can look past all the people in the world that will tell us no, for absolutely no particular reason, then we can be unstoppable. I truly feel that we only need one yes to succeed and be happy, and that one yes can be ourselves.”

CS4U: How would you describe your sound to potential new fans?

AJ Lehrman: “I think my sound is a blend of all my inspirations: Stevie Wonder, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake. All these different “sounds” and styles mushed together really influenced my take on music.”

CS4U: What can fans expect from a concert of yours?

AJ Lehrman: “Fans can expect to be dancing and singing a lot. Non stop moving, and jumping up and down. I suggest to wear sneakers and a tank top because all that moving is gonna feel like a workout! Lol…but seriously I try to make my performances as interactive as I can, and I honestly really love meeting all of you, and watching you sing along.”

CS4U: What can you tell us about your involvement with

AJ Lehrman: “I recently teamed up with on a campaign to raise awareness about bullying. As we toured school to school along the west coast, many kids shared their experiences about bullying, and we altogether just tried to realize that there is no reason to bully anyone. We started an anti-bullying campaign using #NoBull, along with a phone number people could reach out to for advice and help, in order to make people feel that there really is nothing better than loving who you are and being comfortable with yourself.”

CS4U: Since our website is called CS4U, do you have any secrets or hidden talents your fans might not know about?

AJ Lehrman: “I happen to be a professional french fry stealer….”

Written by Juliet Schroder

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