Music Monday: Meet Banners + His New EP “Start A Riot”! (@bannersmusic #MusicMonday)

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Happy Monday, readers!

Meet our Music Monday artist this week Banners.

Banners is a singer-songwriter who is creating a frenzy among all music-lovers with his uplifting lyrics and simple, yet hypnotizing vocals. You’ve probably heard snippets of his amazing work on MTV’s Teen Wolf or FIFA’s 16 Ultimate Team Legends, but now you can finally hear full tracks from his debut EP, Start A Riot. His ability to create such an organic sound by utilizing choral echoes and theatrical sound effects is something the industry has yet to see.

Taking some inspiration from Jeff Buckley as well as The Beatles, the Liverpudlian artist is proving that you don’t need to create songs purely about heartbreak to conjure an emotional connection with your fans.

Here is a breakdown of his EP, Start A Riot, which is available now for purchase. Enjoy!

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Start A Riot

The EP begins its story with the self-titled track “Start A Riot.” This tune shows off Banner’s vocals as he hits the high notes without strain. It also highlights his songwriting ability with lyrics, such as “I will wade through the fire and smoke like sunlight through the haze/I will fight till the flag waves white until my dying days/Through the bombs and blasts/We will take it back.” I instantly get the feeling of love as well as inspiration. He sings about how his adoration for his loved one is so strong, he would endure physical and mental abuse just to bring them happiness. It can also be interpreted as a man/woman in the service fighting for his/her country which will ultimately benefit his/her own family. Although the instrumental and backing vocals are kept simple, this admirable message creates an empowering emotion that its listeners will definitely feel.

Shine A Light

In “Shine A Light” we are greeted with the same signature harmonies that Banners is known to use. His tone is a heavenly mixture of Bastille meets A Great Big World, but with a very refreshing twist. It’s raspy, yet smooth, and just completely intoxicating. The tune begins with dramatic drumming as it builds the beat up. The instrumental is as if you were sitting at a live concert at the Philharmonic. As the tune progresses, it just washes over you and makes you want to jump up and start dancing. This is one of the tracks that I am most excited to see him perform live.

Gold Dust

The intro for “Gold Dust” reminds me of the beginning in “Broken Home” by 5 Seconds of Summer. Banners’ swaying vocals and emotional lyrics also remind me a lot of Halsey. This tune is a little more rock than the previous tracks, but he still stays true to his sound. In the lyrics, “All I know when the nights grow cold and it’s all gone to rust, we can turn it into gold dust,” Banners talks about salvaging what’s left of a terrible night and turning that into something positive. Even though it may not seem like much, it will definitely be worth something in the end.


Unlike his other tracks, Banners takes a calm, more relaxed route with his track “Ghost.” The steady beating of the drums and his haunting vocals makes the listener conjure up a range of emotions that will leave you wondering why you haven’t heard of his music sooner. His high notes will leave you hypnotized as they intertwine with the sounds of the violins and the depth of his lyrics. Banners recurring theme of having hope and fighting for love is what sets his music apart from the rest.

Back When We Had Nothing

The last song on the tracklist is “Back When We Had Nothing.” Its catchy beat is the perfect way to close out this stellar EP. From the title alone, you would think it was about a rich man looking back at his humble beginning. But once you start to listen to it, you’ll realize it’s actually the complete opposite. Banners sings about how his past was much better than what his life is like now. The mind-boggling lyrics, “Back when we had nothing, we had everything” is  another way of saying that the simple things in life will always be the most treasured. As the old saying goes…don’t take anything for granted.