Music Monday: Meet Bobby Wills

bobby-wills-never-didnt-love-you-LRMHappy Monday, readers!

Meet our new “Music Monday” artist this week, Bobby Wills.

Bobby Wills is a Canadian country artist that is ready to make a name for himself here in United States. The Canadian Country Music Association award winner just released his new single “Never Didn’t Love You” here in the US, and it has been syndicated to country radio’s airwaves ever since.

The Alberta, Canada native is currently gearing up for the release of his new album Crazy Enough under Willing Nashville — which was released in Canada in June 2014. The project features an array of tracks that blend rock-inspired country songs driven by fuller percussion and a bevy of string instruments with Bobby’s signature melodic harmonies and intimate lyrical story telling.

CelebSecrets4U recently caught up with Bobby to get all the scoop on this budding country artist! In our interview, Bobby talks about his single “Never Didn’t Love You,” the differences from being onstage as opposed to being in a studio, his big move to Nashville, and what he loves most about performing in the US. He even shares a hidden talent with us and his overall experience working with Walt Aldridge and Mike Pyle. Make sure to check out the Q&A below!

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CS4U: What can you tell us about the inspiration behind your new single, “Never Didn’t Love You”?

Bobby: “Oh man, I think it’s common knowledge that men and women don’t always communicate in the same way, and we were just talking about how sometimes—I have a wonderful lady in my life, and sometimes we think we’ve said stuff that we didn’t say—and we were all kind of laughing about it, us three guys who were writing, and one of the guys said, “well, it’s never like I didn’t love her,” and that was it!”

CS4U: What can U.S. country fans expect from your upcoming album, Crazy Enough?

Bobby: “They can expect a wide variety of music, from sort of the poppy “Never Didn’t Love You” kind of thing, right down to some really stone cold country music. It’s really all over the shop, there’s a little bit of rock influence, a little bit of rhythm and blues; it’s the kind of record you can listen to and it changes every song.”

CS4U: Besides the obvious differences, what do you feel are the differences when you perform onstage as opposed to in a studio?

Bobby: “Being onstage is all about energy, and picking up on the vibe of the room and other stuff, whereas the studio is more of a concentrated thing where you’re really working on trying to deliver the emotional side.”

CS4U: What can fans expect from your concert? How do you think your set stands out from other country artists?

Bobby: “We just have a really high-energy show, and there tend to be laughs throughout the show and plenty of hi-jinks. Every once in awhile, someone falls over! We have a lot of fun onstage and a lot of energy, so it’s really a fun and animated show.”

CS4U: So you’re a Canadian country artist, have you ever felt the pressure to move to Nashville at all?

Bobby: “Yeah, we’re actually in the process of doing that. We’ve spent a lot of time in Nashville over the years, most of the songwriting that I do is in Nashville. We’re just slowly transitioning there as we speak.”

CS4U: What is it like working with Walt Aldridge and Mike Pyle? 

Bobby: “Oh, you know what? I’ve been so lucky. In life sometimes you’re given opportunities and you don’t even realize it, and that’s what happened with Mike. Mike and I had never met, and happened to do a co-write together and kind of hit it off and wrote a great song, and he set it up to write with Walt, and we ended up with a three-way thing that works really, really well.”

CS4U: That sounds great! Have you ever played a show in the U.S. before, and if so, do you feel there’s a difference playing for Canadian crowds as opposed to United States crowds?

Bobby: “Yeah, I’ve played a couple shows through California, and all I can tell you for sure is that it feels exactly the same for me. The country’s just so similar, our tastes in music are so heavily influenced by both sides of the border, I don’t feel like there’s any real difference for the shows. It might feel a little rowdier down south.”

CS4U: Is there any other artist that you would love to write with?

Bobby: “Yeah, I’ve got a ton of people I would love to write with. I would love to collaborate one day with Garth Brooks or one of those kinds of guys–Garth, just because of the emotion that he writes with.”

CS4U: What is next for you?

Bobby: “Well, as I said, we’re moving to Nashville and we’re going to be writing for the next for months for our next record, and just trying to build the momentum and go forward with some new music.”

CS4U: Since our website is called CelebSecrets4U, do you have a secret or a hidden talent that you could share with us?

Bobby: “I can juggle! I can get like six balls going at one time. That’s my secret talent.”

Juliet Schroder

Written by Juliet Schroder

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