Music Monday: Meet Madeline Lauer

Lauer’s music sends relatable messages to young women about insecurities, struggles, and sexual anguish.

Photo Credit: Dylan Bartolini

Happy Monday, readers!

Our new Music Monday artist for this week is singer/songwriter Madeline Lauer. 

Madeline Lauer is an R&B artist from Dublin, OH who always knew she wanted to be a singer, but did not pursue it professionally until she graduated high school.

“I moved to Los Angeles the day after I graduated high school,” Lauer told Celeb Secrets. “My parents wouldn’t let me pursue a career in music until I graduated. About three months before graduation, I auditioned for a talent show in Orlando where I met my first manager. He convinced me to move to California and start working on my first album right away. I finished my senior year of high school in an Embassy Suites hotel room with my dad and recorded in the studio at night. It was just the beginning of my journey.”

Since then, Lauer has released two other records and her current single “Come Around,” which is inspired by the song “Unchained Melody.” Madeline is gearing up to release her new album Open Book later this year.

The reason why Madeline Lauer is our pick for our Music Monday artist this week is because she is literally just like us. She writes about her personal experiences, which surprisingly all girls go through (in their own way of course) along the path of life.

“[In my music] I talk about the internal struggles I faced pursuing this dream and essentially becoming a woman in Los Angeles, so far away from my family. The mood of the [album] is sensual, sexy, and romantic. [It’s] something you put on in the car for a long drive or when you have that special someone over for play time.”

Keep up with Madeline by following her on Twitter at @MadelineLauer and learn more about her through our exclusive Q&A.

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Written by Juliet Schroder

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