Music Monday: Spencer Sutherland – Read our Q&A! (@spencermusic1)

Courtesy of Big Picture Media
Courtesy of Big Picture Media
Courtesy of Big Picture Media

From a small town outside of Columbus, Ohio, Spencer Sutherland is a self-taught singer/songwriter whose incredible vocal range and tone delivers his own stylistic soulful combination of Pop meets R&B. Sutherland has recently shared the stage with the likes of Emblem3, MKTO, Ariana Grande, Big Time Rush, just to name of few. He is currently in the studio working with Grammy winning song writers/producers such as Andreas Carlsson, Andreas Oberg, Johnny Andrews and O.A.R band member/producer Jerry DePizzo.

Just recently, Spencer released a cover video of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s “Everything Has Changed” with A.N.T. Farm‘s Stefanie Scott and a single titled “Heartstrings.”

Spencer Sutherland is our “Music Monday” this week because we are totally loving the material he has out right now AND we think he is super cute!! Take a read at our Q&A with Spencer below. For more info on Spencer Sutherland, visit

Your new single is called “Heartstrings” — what does the song mean to you?

Spencer: “First of all, thank you so much  — I appreciate the early support! “Heartstrings” stems from a real life experience. It’s about a girl who’s so hot and cold and it drives you absolutely nuts. You don’t really know where you stand. I actually collaborated on this track with producer, Johnny Andrews, and I could tell he was feeling it too. I think it’s a feeling that everyone goes through this feeling at some point. I wish it didn’t because the feeling is sooo good and sooo bad. I think it’s a feeling that a lot of people can relate to, which means a lot to me.”

You recorded a cover of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s “Everything has Changed” with Disney Channel Star Stefanie Scott! What was it like working with Stefanie?

Spencer: “Working with Stefanie was so awesome! She is the sweetest girl ever and funny! I had a blast working with her. We have become good friends actually. I got to really talk to Stef during our time working together, and she told me about some “behind the scenes” things, which was cool. We text each other all the time to poke fun at each other or just to see how everything is going.”

What made the both of you choose that song to cover?

Spencer: “It was funny actually! We both chose the song not knowing each other had chosen it! I cant speak for Stef but for me, it was the dynamic duo of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. I’m one of the biggest Taylor fans you will ever meet! I got a chance this past summer to see her live on the RED tour. The way she interacts with her fans is so amazing. She’s also one of the best songwriters ever! I hope to work with her in some capacity some day. Ed is so real and raw. What you see is what you get. I respect that. Not to mention — talented as well! His songs are so descriptive it pulls you in for a good listen.”

What have you learned so far by not only working with Stefanie, but also while recording your single “Heartstrings?”

Spencer: I have learned how much work goes into being a singer! I practice hours every day on every aspect of the business to try to deliver what I think I would want as a fan. It’s crazy because it’s so enjoyable it hardly feels like work. Time passes by so quickly. I love all aspects of this life. Recording, Performing, Practicing – but most of all see and being with the fans! I feel very lucky to be doing what I love.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

Spencer: “I have so many inspirations! They range anywhere from the KING – Elvis, to The Temptations, Marvin Gaye and Al Greene (soulful guys like that) to modern people like Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars – amazing performers and vocalists that can stand the test of time. And of course – Taylor Swift for her genuine delivery of a song!”

Can we expect an EP, full length album, or even a tour anytime soon?

Spencer: “Well to be honest – my world is spinning so fast right now not really sure what is next. But, I definitely will have some news soon! I can’t say too much yet, but stay tuned 😉 As for new music I have been writing with some amazing songwriters I feel really lucky to have such great people but right now I’m really focused on “Heartstrings” and it doing well because it’s my first original song released!”

Since our website is called CelebSecrets4U, can you share one secret or hidden talent (something the fans would now know about you) to our readers?

Spencer: “Well if you really wanna know –Once, I am NUTS for NUTELLA but gave it up completely! I once ate an entire jar of Nutella in one sitting! That stuff is lethal!”



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