Music Monday: The Magnettes

Happy Monday, readers!

Meet our new Music Monday artist this week, The Magnettes. 

Emerging goth-pop band The Magnettes have conquered the music scene overseas and are now ready to bring their anti-hierarchy mindset from their quaint hometown to across the pond.

The duo-turned-trio is composed of 3 key members: Rebecka Digervall (co-vocalist), Sanna Kalla (co-vocalist), and Tomas Bäcklund Tuneström (keyboardist, guitarist, and producer). Together, these fearless performers are kicking old-school cliches to the curb and proving that cheering for the outcasts is a much better pay-off than following the status quo. With their latest single “Killers In A Ghost Town” sitting at cool 84,000+ plays of Spotify, it’s safe to say that this group of kickass misfits are just getting started.

Celeb Secrets recently caught up with the Sweden natives to discuss their new track“Killers In A Ghost Town”, their upcoming album, their ongoing crush on Halsey, crashing the red carpet premiere for the Steve Jobs movie and much more! Check out the exclusive interview below!


“We’re the cheerleaders for the outcasts.” -The Magnettes


Celeb Secrets: How excited are you guys to be performing at Canada Music Week this weekend?

The Magnettes: “We’re super excited. We’ve actually never been to Canada before!”

Celeb Secrets: Oh really? How different is it in North America compared to Sweden?

The Magnettes: “Well people draw a lot of similarities between Sweden and Canada all the time. But we haven’t actually had a chance to go out and see what it’s like. We don’t have as many tall buildings in our hometown. We’re from a very small up in the north of Sweden so compared to that, it’s very different.”

Celeb Secrets: Before you jump into your music, I would love to know more about you guys! Are you guys obsessed with any musicians at the moment?

The Magnettes: “We love Ariana Grande. We also love Léon – he’s a Swedish artist – and Zayn, Zara Larsson and Halsey are super cool!”

Celeb Secrets: Is there one thing you can’t live without?

Rebecka: “My Doc Martens with extra thick soles. I wear them every day and at every live show. They’re super heavy so they’re great for kicking ass.”

Sanna: “I can’t live without my customized denim jacket. It has a bunch of pins and patches.”

Tomas: “My computer. Everything we do revolves around our computers, our tracks, our lyrics, our synths and our mile long Facebook conversations.”

Celeb Secrets: How did you guys expand from a duo to a band?

 The Magnettes: “We started playing when we were 11 and then we started a punk band when we turned 12. Then 2 years ago, Tomas joined the band so we’re now a band and not just a duo.

Celeb Secrets: What inspired your signature looks?

The Magnettes: “Aw, thank you! We really like the anti-cheerleader idea so we played around with youth subculture, goth, and witches. We sort of took the opposite someone who is considered the “popular one” who could do flips and hand stands. So we’re like the anti-cheerleaders who are like crazy witches. We’re the cheerleaders for the outcasts.”

The Magnettes/Twitter
The Magnettes/Twitter

Celeb Secrets: Do you have any celebrity crushes?

The Magnettes: “Wow, a lot. Tomas, who is married, shares the same crush with his wife. They both have a crush on Ellen Page. But when they decided on that mutual crush, she came out as gay so his wife won that one. I had a long ongoing crush on Elvis Costello and he’s pretty old now so it’s pretty weird. But back in the 70s, he was pretty fine. We also have had an ongoing crush on Halsey.”

Celeb Secrets: So what can you guys tell us about your single, “Killers In A Ghost Town”?

The Magnettes: “That song was actually written in Nashville last year. We went to Nashville to write and we wrote that song, plus our other song “Bones”. We had a great week there and went back to North Sweden to record “Killer In A Ghost Town” is Tomas’ kitchen. It traveled from Nashville to back home. Like when people tell you that you don’t fit in, but you don’t give a sh*t and you find other people to who don’t give a shit either. It’s a lot about friendship, being an underdog, and being yourself.

Celeb Secrets: That’s awesome, I’m a big fan of the music video!

The Magnettes: “It was actually shot in our hometown. It showed our old lockers that we had back in high school and places we used to sneak out to during the summer.”

Celeb Secrets: So it must have been nostalgic when you guys filmed it, am I right?

The Magnettes: “Yes, definitely. Those places are really attached to our youth and where we hung out growing up. Those places are really different from the skyscrapers here in Toronto. There are only 2,000 people living there so everyone has their own space.”

Celeb Secrets: What’s the process like behind your music?

The Magnettes: “It’s always different. For “Killers In A Ghost Town” we were recording another song and we found a beat that we really liked. So we made a quick progression of that into a demo and kept it lying around for a while. Then we got to Nashville and had a meeting/pep-talk with our label. They told us that we had to be fearless and to always try harder. So we went back to that beat and started writing lyrics for it because we always liked it. It had certain feeling about it. So it started with a beat and few other melodies we were trying out.”

Celeb Secrets: So that song pretty much just happened?

The Magnettes: “Yes, a lot of it was because of the emotion in the song. The emotions we have in the song, we already had in the beat. The only struggle was having to make a real song out of it. We created the lyrics from scratch and pieced it together pretty much. We wanted it to be raw, authentic, and say whatever the f**k we wanted. We always try to be fearless and not give a sh*t.”

Sebastian Dammark/The Magnettes/Twitter
Sebastian Dammark/The Magnettes/Twitter

Celeb Secrets: Dead or alive, what 3 artists would you love to tour with?

The Magnettes: “Well we love Halsey, she’s awesome. Lorde and Lana Del Rey are really cool too. We love super cool, female artists.”

Celeb Secrets: Are you working on any other projects right now?

The Magnettes: “We’re working on finishing up an album right now, but we can’t really tell you too much about that.”

Celeb Secrets: Can you give us a title or like when you’re planning to release it?

The Magnettes: “We don’t have that yet, but in the summer, we’re doing a bunch of Swedish festivals. We’ll also be releasing more music, it might even be two singles! As for Sweden and Europe, we’ll be there. You guys just have to wait a little bit longer!”

Celeb Secrets: So fans should expect it by the end of the year?

The Magnettes: “Yes…maybe.”

Celeb Secrets: For those people who have yet to discover you, why should they listen to your music?

 The Magnettes: “They should listen to our music if they want to be apart of something. We cheer for the outcasts. If you’re tired of everyone being perfect all the time, then you can listen to us instead.”

Celeb Secrets: Since we are Celeb Secrets, do you guys have a secret you’d like to share with us?

The Magnettes: “Last year in Hollywood, we crashed the premiere of the Steve Jobs movie. We walked the red carpet, drank champagne and then we got kicked out. “