Music Monday: The Tragic Thrills (@tragicthrills)

Hey CelebSecrets4U readers,

Last Wednesday we had to chance to check out indie/alternative rock band, The Tragic Thrills, at their second public show ever. The band, composed of Zach Porter (vocals/guitar), Cameron Quiseng (bass), Michael Martinez (drums), and Brent Schneiders (guitar), is surely already known to some of you, but the music that was played off of their debut album (out October 22nd) is a fresh revelation for past and new fans. Their raw, vibrant live sound allows Porter’s often-melancholic, honest, and romantic lyrics to be the focal point of the songs he spent over a year crafting, and it shows– each song feels like a well-honed poem. Standouts included the beautiful “Fever,” the rocking “Crazy,” a brand new (so new, it won’t be on the first album) song that Porter debuted called “Fake Remember,” and of course, the lead single, “Tears,” which we had been dying to hear live. We certainly were not disappointed, and look forward to hearing more from these guys, and getting our hands on the album!

For now, you can catch The Tragic Thrills at the Bootleg Bar in Los Angeles on October 21st (if you’re over 21 years old). If not, listen to their debut single (available on iTunes), “Tears,” here:

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