New Form’s ‘Mr. Student Body President’ Renewed for a Second Season

NewForm’s dark comedy Mr. Student Body President has been renewed for a second season!

The network gave the comedy series a a 30-episode renewal, which will stream on the go90 app.

Courtesy of NewForm

Mr. Student Body President follows a charismatic student body president, Tyler Pendergast (Jeremy Shada), and his Machiavellian chief of staff, Hadley Pulito (Arden Rose), who give “high school politics” a new meaning as they battle for power over pep rallies, gossip and grades, with all the ambition and fervor of hardened Washington operatives.

This show is a new day and age witty comedy that reminds us all of what it is like to be in high school or for some of us what it was like. Shada and Rose were brilliantly hilarious in targeting what it took to fit into the high school stereotypes and hierarchy, while playing dirty political games.

Mr. Student Body President is widely entertaining with instant gratification of bleeped out cuss words, progressiveness, drama, humor, romanticizing the old days with note passing and writing on bathroom walls, and relating to the social status of today’s age.

Courtesy of New Form

We genuinely enjoyed the show that we binged watch it within a couple of hours, because that is our favorite part about it all. Season one is merely 10 episodes, each only being 15 minutes long. Not only does New Form bring us a show that is professionally done, needing to belong on television, but go90 makes it easy to watch it online or on their app. We can see why audiences were asking for more!

The end of the season left us with a huge cliffhanger with freshman Addison Pierce (Haley Pullos) getting revenge on mastermind Hadley Pulito. We don’t want to give away any spoilers, so you can go watch the show and you can also be left with your mouth dropped.

Mr. Student Body President can be found on Go90’s website or on Go90’s app.

ICYMI: Watch our hilarious interview with Jeremy and Arden below.

Kennia Cardenas

Written by Kennia Cardenas