New Hope Club’s Debut EP ‘Welcome to the Club’ Is a Perfect Introduction to What the Band is Capable Of – REVIEW

Each song has a different soulfulness from the other, backed up with interesting sounds reflecting the mood.

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Our new favorite British boy band, New Hope Club, has their debut EP dropping TOMORROW and we can’t wait for you to listen to it!

The 5-track EP, titled Welcome To The Club, defines the welcoming to a new fan base, and an introduction of members Blake Richardson, George Smith and Reece Bibby‘s soulful harmonies and musicianship.

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The band took to Twitter to share their excitement. “Very excited to announce you can now pre-order our FIRST EP Welcome to the Club !!! Check it out 😁 ❤️”

The 5-track EP includes songs “Fixed,” “Start Over Again,” “Water,“ “Friend Of a Friend,” and “Perfume.” Every song is completely relatable, with events that we’ve all gone through or will go through in our teenage or young adult life.

New Hope Club Reveal Details on Their Debut EP ‘Welcome to the Club’

Two songs that definitely stand out on the EP are “Start Over Again” and “Perfume.” “Start Over Again” is the song that introduced fans to the club. It has an undertone of One Direction, with feelings of nostalgia from a date that went wrong, but we wish could have gone right. We have all had those feelings of “what if” moments after a date. While the song “Perfume” reminds me of 5 Seconds of Summer. It has many undertones and sounds resembling “Amnesia” — remembering an old love, and still having a sense of them even when they’re gone.

“Perfume” has to be our favorite song because it is the deepest, with feelings we have all felt when losing “the one” finally put into words. “Perfume” has a metaphorical sense of the last memory you have of the person. While the song is deep, the sounds and harmonies perfectly back the mood, and is brilliantly catchy making you remember this song like the “perfume” left in the room once it is gone.

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Welcome To The Club is a perfect introduction of what the band is capable of. Each song has a different soulfulness from the other, backed up with interesting sounds reflecting the mood. Each one will be embedded in your head once its over. The EP begs you wanting for more.

After tomorrow, Blake, George, and Reece will be your new favorite boy band; trust us. Your nostalgia of British groups is over because we are welcoming you to the club — The New Hope Club.

Want to see New Hope Club live? They are tapped to support Sabrina Carpenter on her summer tour De-Tour kicking off on July 6th and hitting Los Angeles July 21st!

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Written by Kennia Cardenas