Niki DeMartino Launches Spooky-Chic Jewelry Line Just in Time for Halloween

We got to chat with Niki about the new collection, the stories behind her favorite pieces, and what’s coming up on her YouTube channel.

Photo Credit: Kathleen O'Neill

YouTuber, musician, and now… jewelry designer! As of this week, social media mogul Niki DeMartino can officially add the latter to her resume.

Niki, one half of the popular Niki and Gabi YouTube channel with her twin sister, launched her first-ever jewelry line, NIKNAKS, on Friday, October 4th. True to the internet personality’s lovably-spooky charm, the new collection features ghost-, spike-, and coffin-clad accessories.

“I just had this idea because I feel like a clothing line is difficult to have, but jewelry is kind of universal. It doesn’t really need to be sized,” Niki said of the 8-piece line. “Everybody can wear it, and it can totally change a plain outfit. And I feel like earrings help a no-makeup day!”

The new collection, dubbed the Charmed Collection, is comprised of all-gold Halloween-inspired rings, necklaces, and earrings. Niki revealed her favorite piece in the line to be the chunky, hand-cuff-like “Prisoner” necklace, while her fans, she says, favor the cute and creepy “Freddy” ghost ring.

“I think [the Freddy ring] is the favorite because everybody has noticed my ghost tattoo on my middle finger,” she explained. “I made [the ring] an exact replica of the ghost on my tattoo, so that way everyone can have my tattoo on their finger too.”

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Niki had the opportunity to meet dozens of the lucky fans who made the Freddy ring so popular at the NIKNAKS launch event in Jersey City, NJ on Saturday. Though NIKNAKS is currently only available for purchase online, fans were able to sneak a peek at the line in person while chatting and taking selfies with Niki and her sister, Gabi. 

While Niki was visibly in high spirits meeting fans at the launch event, she revealed to Celeb Secrets she recently went through a bit of a dark period. But creating jewelry made things a little easier.

“I had a little depressive slump, and it lasted two weeks, which is lucky. Usually they last for months, and you get nervous ‘cause you don’t know when you’re gonna snap out of it,” she said. “But I think this jewelry line really helped me pull out of it. I am just 100% inspired by mental health right now.”

So inspired, in fact, that she told us she’s considering creating a series on her YouTube channel focusing on mental health, in hopes of helping others who struggle. Other possible upcoming projects? Getting NIKNAKS into stores, setting up pop-up shops for the line, creating a clothing line, and continuing as an entrepreneur to grow the NIKNAKS brand. Niki will, of course, also continue making videos both on her own and with her sister, but she sees no problem with embracing a multi-hyphenate lifestyle.

“I want to keep doing more projects off YouTube where people can actually buy the things I create,” she explained. “I feel like I unleashed a beast. It’s like, now I do this and make YouTube videos.”

You can check out the NIKNAKS Charmed Collection here.

Written by Hillary Maglin