OMG: Nicole Alyse Nelson Spills CRAZY Memory from Filming ‘I Am Frankie’

Let’s just say this situation was more than sticky.

Photo Credit: Robbie Joseph for Celeb Secrets

We’ve got to admit, I Am Frankie was one of our most anticipated shows to watch this fall and not going to lie — it. was. intense. 

In the second season, Frankie (Alex Hook) finally acclimated to teenage life at Sepulveda High with the help of her best friend Dayton (Nicole Alyse Nelson) and their tight-knit group of loyal confidantes. However, things quickly became complicated when a new android arrived at the school, and the world learned that androids exist, and the military company, WARPA (Weaponized Android Research Project Agency), returned with a new threat. Throughout the season, Frankie aimed to keep her true identity a secret, while protecting her family and friends and attempting to live a normal life.

Photo Credit: Robbie Joseph for Celeb Secrets

Just recently, Nicole stopped by to chat with us about everything that went down this season, but that wasn’t what really made our mouths drop. Filming right in the heart of Miami, Nicole and the rest of the cast were able to explore the exciting city when they weren’t on set. One of the times the gang went out on the town took an interesting turn, and Nelson is dishing all about it in the video below.

You can catch re-runs of season two of I Am Frankie on TeenNick, and watch the entire show from the beginning on and the Nickelodeon App.

Written by Juliet Schroder

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