OMG: Paxton Booth Reveals 5 Secrets from Filming “Coop And Cami Ask the World”

The Disney star is giving us the scoop on what goes down behind the scenes.

Do you ever wonder what happens behind-the-scenes on some of your favorite Disney Channel shows? Well you don’t need to wonder anymore, as we the scoop on all things Coop And Cami Ask the World

For those of you who don’t know, Coop And Cami Ask the World follows Cooper “Coop” (Dakota Lotus) and Cameron “Cami” (Ruby Rose Turner) Wrather, two middle school siblings who co-host Coop’s online show “Would You Wrather.” With the help of their little brother Ollie (Paxton Booth) and Coop’s best friend Fred (Albert Tsai), the duo fields offbeat questions and results to the show’s millions of followers (aka Wratherheads) who help them solve problems – both mundane and madcap.

Paxton Booth, who plays Ollie on the show, told us five secrets from filming season one of Coop And Cami, and you wouldn’t believe what goes into some of these episodes! Keep scrolling to learn more and make sure to keep watching Coop And Cami Ask the World only on Disney Channel. New episodes are airing beginning Saturday, January 19th!

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It took about an hour and a half and three people to turn me into the Ice Elf. I stayed as the Ice Elf for four hours and it only took about fifteen minutes to turn me back into a normal person. When the Ice Elf flies across the room it is really me on the zip line. It was super rad because I didn’t use a harness or anything, I just held on and flew across the room.


Episode 1 was the pilot we filmed in October of 2017, so when Coop and Cami premiered October 2018, it had been a year since we first filmed. Some of the names changed after the pilot was filmed. A lot of editing and dubbing over had to be done. Cami’s name was Sierra and Charlotte was Carrie when we shot the pilot.

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The Christmas episode, the one with Kramplemoose, was shot in Burbank on a record-breaking heat day. It was 110 and pretty hot on set because we couldn’t run the noisy A/C while filming. It looks like we are all red in the face from the cold, but really we were all pretty hot and sweating. The hot coco we were drinking wasn’t hot coco, it was Pedialyte to keep us hydrated. Our matching blue sweaters were awesome!


The set hides a lot of cool little bits of information, like most of the photos on the walls are actual photos of us as babies and kids. Like most sets, everything is a prop. The tissue box never has tissues in it, the clocks don’t work and the stairs lead to nowhere! The stairs in the kitchen lead to the living room and the stairs in the den just stop at a wall. Every room has a couple of walls that can be taken down, depending on which way the cameras need to shoot. If you watch carefully, you can usually spot Cheddar the Cheetah hiding on the steps of the kitchen.


When I was in the kitchen sink taking a bath in leftovers, they were really leftovers from set the day before! I was in the sink for almost two hours and since the left overs were in the refrigerator all night, it was kind of cold. In between takes they would wrap blankets around me and put heating packs in the sink to keep me warm. When I say my lines they are a little hard to understand because I was pretty cold! The stunt coordinator picked me up and put me in a huge trash bag to carry me off set to keep the set clean. That was a pretty fun shot.

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