On The Run Turns To “Mayhem” In Pasadena (@Beyonce #OnTheRunTour)

8-4-2014 3-03-23 PMShe says put a ring on it, not put your teeth on it! Label this under Crazy in Concert.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s On the Run Tour came to Pasadena, CA and was a Sold Out concert at the world famous Rose Bowl on Saturday, August 2nd, 2014.

Craziness occurred about half way into the concert after a man allegedly bit off the fingertip of another man. Mind you, this journalist personally knows both of the victims in this alleged attack.

While at the concert Victim A was dancing beside her husband when Alleged Assaulter Roberto Alcaraz-Ganica, 25, of San Diego, CA groped Victim A. Victim A told her husband, who then confronted the groper. The Groper (Roberto) has some choice words before allegedly assaulting Victim B. There was a scuffle which resulted in The Groper (Roberto) biting off the tip of Victim B’s finger!

The Groper, Roberto Alcaraz-Ganica was arrested on suspicion of Sexual Battery and Mayhem around 10:00 PM. Mayhem, according to police and Los Angeles County booking records, is legally defined as disabling or disfiguring a part of a victim’s body.

According to Pasadena Police Lt. John Luna, the alleged attack occurred after Alcaraz-Garnica groped a woman in her 20s. “The suspect sexually assaulted the female victim,” he said. The woman’s boyfriend confronted the alleged groper, and a fight ensued. He added “During the altercation, the suspect bit the victim, causing serious injury to his finger, He lost the tip of one of his fingers.”

Police took the suspect into custody at the Pasadena Police Department’s jail, where he was being held in lieu of $100,000 bail pending his initial court appearance.

The couple had to leave the concert early to be taken to a nearby ER, where they spent the rest of the night. So much for Drunk in Love!, more like Injured in ER!

Police also arrested eight people for public drunkenness and two people for ticket scalping during the event.

Pasadena Star News was first to report the incident.