One Direction Brings Up Old History, Check Out Their New Music Video Here! @OneDirection


Oh our One Direction men have just poured their hearts out to fallen band member and rumored solo artist Zayne Malik. Now the only question is will Zayn Malik answer back or is the group doomed to forever go down in “history” as a just another band whose lost a member to solo-stardom.

The music video itself is full of heartwarming scenes of all the boys including Zayne Malik all having fun and sharing heart-warming moments on tour. As if that didn’t tear on our heartstrings, showing the fans at the end sure made us run to find the tissues.

One Direction recently announced their hiatus from touring and making music. They have expressed that at this time they are going to spend more time at home and doing other things outside of the group. We hope this hiatus doesn’t become permanent and we hope when they return, its all five of them. Until then us fans will just have to to keep the new music video for “history” on repeat to hold us at bay. Check out the video below and keep checking here for more news!


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