One Direction Talks New Album & Drops New Song! (@onedirection)

11268-one_direction_steal_my_girlOne Direction continues to surprise fans by letting fans preview their new song Steal My Girl. The song is supposed to be released on September 29th, but the boys decided to let the fans listen to a little snippet of it a few days early!

 One Direction surprised their fans earlier this month by announcing their upcoming CD as well as giving fans a free download of their new songFireproof.

 Their producer and writer Julian Bunetta told Billboard that this album is “a window into how they’re feeling and what they’re going through – happiness and the sadness and the ups and downs.”

 Zayn and Louis also told Billboard that they have a lot of songs on the album like “Story Of My Life,” but that they also have some fun and upbeat tunes. Zayn said,” I think it’s just a progression on the last stuff we’ve done. We haven’t tried to go too different with it. We tried to keep what is our sound, but just kind of grow with it as we’ve obviously grown up. We’ve grown a bit more facial hair. And our lyrics need to get a little bit older as well. So we just kind of want to grow with our fan base.”

 As for collaborations One Direction has confirmed that Ed Sheeran has wrote a song on this upcoming album and that it is somewhat of a ballad.

 Four is set to come out November 17th. Can’t wait for it!

 Listen to Steal My Girl HERE