Nicki Minaj Drops “Only” Music Video with Drake, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown – Watch Now! (@NickiMinaj)

on-set-nicki-minaj-lil-wayne-drake-only-video-shootOnly” one of the many featured singles on Nicki Minaj’s  new C.D. “The Pink Print” was finally released as a music video. It was highly anticipated due to the controversy of the lyrics. Nicki Minaj addressed the rumors of her being with her fellow artist at Good Money Records. Chris Brown brought a unique feel to the video appearing in between the rappers solos with his face contorted and covered in a white cloth. The video itself is the very image Nicki Minaj trys to perserve which is femanism and the power of women. This artist proves that bringing sensuality to a video can be paired with toughness.

The other artist Lil Wayne, and Drake brought a funny mix to them both agreeing with Nicki Minaj but saying if she ever wanted to they would both be ready to date her. No matter what people will not stop putting this hip hop artist together with these amazing artist but at least now the rumors were answered.

We seriously are dying for the release of “The Pink Print“, so every video and song released makes us an inch closer to hearing it! Check the link below for the video!

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