Our Exclusive Q&A with Jean Paul from Cash Cash!

We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Jean Paul from Cash Cash a few week ago. The band is an exciting techno-pop group from the 2 mile long town of Roseland, New Jersey. The band consists of Jean Paul Makhlouf (vocals, guitar), Alex Makhlouf (keyboards, programming), Samuel Frisch (vocals, bass), and Anthony Villacari (drums, percussion). With a sound that is refreshing, electric and infectious, Cash Cash is able to seamlessly tap into 70s funk, 80s anthem pop and 90s mellow alternative all at once. Their mission, described perfectly by Jean Paul, is to “Bring back some of that 70s funk guitar, mixed in with the life and fun of the 80s.” They were just signed to Twilight Records in Japan, so Japanese fans will be exposed to the group with a tour soon.

Once again, CelebSecrets4U is coming at you will all the dish! Here is what the interview was like…

CelebSecrets4U: What is the most embarrassing moment you’ve had on tour?

Jean: “Hmm, the most embarrassing moment I ever had on tour was messing up the lyrics to party in your bedroom. What happened was I was looking at a fan in the front row and she was singing along and then started singing the wrong lyrics and it like threw me off and I started laughing and then she started laughing and yeah it was pretty funny…she knew she messed me up and was like mouthing I’m sorry but it was all good! After she came up to me at the merch table and we laughed about it!”

CelebSecrets4U: What is your dream show, where would you play and who would you play with?
Jean:My dream show would be with Maroon 5, Goo Goo Dolls, Jimmy Eat World, Daft Punk & Katy Perry… 🙂
CelebSecrets4U: What would you be doing now if you were not playing music?
Jean:I would be producing music for other artists as well as mixing and writing songs for other artists. I always loved song writing and it’s really a great process writing with other people.
CelebSecrets4U: What’s in store for Cash Cash in 2011?
Jean: “The new album is finished and being mixed and mastered! We’re shooting for a spring release! We signed with Twilight Records in Japan and will be going there this summer for a string of shows and press! Very excited for that! We’re also trying to plan another Brazil trip for the end of the year! So definitely a lot of stuff in store for 2011! It’s gonna be a fun year!
CelebSecrets4U: How did you guy come up with the name cash cash? And how did you form as a band?
Jean:The name came from the song we have called “Cash Cash” after we got signed to Universal Records we found out our old name “The Consequence” was already taken by this rapper so we had to change it. It was around the time where a lot of people were trying to screw us for money and we had a ton of legal drama going on as well as other things so when trying to come up with a new name I was like “ahhh lets just name this band Cash Cash, we don’t even have any of it yet and everyone’s already after it all!” We kinda all just looked at each other laughed and were like ahh that’s kinda fresh! And it stuck! haha”
CelebSecrets4U: Since were all about secrets, what’s a secret not many people know about you?
Jean: “Hmmmm well most people might not know I have a thing for catching turtles. I love catching turtles and frogs in the summer…We always let them go but it’s just something I did as a kid because I was a huge ninja turtles fan…so on hot summer days me and sam will go out and catch-all different kinds of turtles! We caught a 45 pound snapping turtle this summer…it was very intense haha :-)”

So there you have it! Stay tuned for more dish from other stars right here at celebsecrets4u.com!

Photo: Cash Cash

Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet is the founder and executive producer/host of Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. When not reporting on the latest news in pop culture and country music, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and exploring the latest fashion trends.

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