Our Favorite Celebrity Siblings – See The List!

Happy National Sibling Day readers!

Despite the petty little arguments over who gets to ride shot-gun or who started the fight first, everyone knows that a true best friend can be found in your siblings. They’re the only ones who you can truly relate to (literally). To celebrate this underrate holiday, we have compiled a list of our top celebrity siblings who we wish we shared our DNA with! Check it out!

Harry Styles and Gemma Styles

The One Direction hunk may have found himself four brothers, but none of them truly compare to his older sister Gemma Styles. Unlike your usual brother and sister relationship, these two seem to have nothing, but love for each other.  Harry has mentioned multiple times just how much he loves his sis and has even declared her “off-limits” when asked if he would let her date one of his band mates. Harry Styles has also revealed that three of his tattoos (an iced gem, letter “G”, and her name in Hebrew) are dedicated to Gemma. Awww!

Harry Styles and Gemma Styles. (photo source: Sheffield Hallam University – Twitter)

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner

Since they were younger, these two ladies have always been in the spotlight and unlike other family members, their bond seems to get stronger with more success they gain. With Kendall’s rising modelling career and Kylie’s successful makeup launch, these two moguls are quickly taking over the planet. In addition to their individual projects, the Jenner sisters have created their own joint clothing line, Kendall + Kylie. There’s no stopping them!

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner. (photo source: GettyImages)


Ross Geller and Monica Geller

We know they’re not “real” siblings, but it’s real enough for us! These iconic characters from the TV show Friends will always be our favorite brother and sister duo, hands down. From Monica’s tedious ways to Ross’ awkwardness, how can you not love them?? Not to mention that they have a totally awesome dance routine!

Courteney Cox (Monica Geller) and David Schwimmer (Ross Geller). (photo source: Pinterest)


Ariana Grande and Frankie Grande

You’re probably thinking that no one can upstage this “Dangerous Woman”, but that might be because you have yet to meet her brother Frankie. The Big Brother veteran and internet personality is considered to be Ariana’s more out-going half. He’s funny, fashion-forward, and all around fabulous!

Frankie Grande and Ariana Grande. (photo source: GettyImages)


The Jonas Brothers

If you remember the time when Disney still drew Mickey Mouse’s silhouette with a glow stick, you’ll definitely remember the Jo Bros. They started off as a band, but their success quickly brought them into bigger and better things such as Camp Rock and their own TV show, Jonas: LA. Although the boys have ventured down different career paths, their support for each other has stayed the same.

(L-R) Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas. (photo source: Mike Coppola/GettyImages for Mercedez-Benz)


Dave Franco and James Franco

James Franco has gone from soap operas to comedy to theater and more. He is a man of many talents so the fact that his younger brother has decided to follow in his footsteps isn’t much of a surprise. Dave Franco has starred in many hit comedies himself such as 21 Jump Street, Neighbors, and Super Bad and has even starred alongside his older brother!

James Franco and Dave Franco. (photo source: Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage/GettyImages)


Those were our top celebrity siblings! Is there anyone you wish we would have put on the list? Tweet us and let us know!