Our Favorite Looks from Zendaya’s ‘Daya by Zendaya’ Clothing Line

We all know our girl Zendaya for being a talented singer, dancer and actress!

As a trend setter and huge style icon, it’s no surprise we are obsessed with her brand new clothing line under the name Daya by Zendaya. And yet, unlike some other more conventional fashion pics younger celebrities tend to gravitate towards, her designs and general aesthetic are a little more unique…

Daya by Zendaya is all about individuality and embracing your own version of beautiful and ‘cool.’ Rather than being inspired from famous people and their glamorous lives, the young star wanted to portray girls in her school halls, but more importantly, those who think outside the box. She idealises the teenager whose style is somewhat misunderstood, but appreciated later on in life. Haven’t we all looked at our high school pictures and thought ‘What was I thinking’?

Lucky for you, Celeb Secrets will help you prevent that from happening. Here are our top 5 pics:

Written by Diana Espir