Our Reaction to Little Mix ‘Touch’ Video: Yay or Nay?

We love a group that celebrates girl power, especially gorgeous and talented ones like Little Mix!

At 3.5 million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours, it’s safe to say the UK girl band is killing it! From the UK X-factor to global music sensations, the girls have surely evolved since their TV debut.

Having now become full-blown pop stars, their success is undeniable! Their newest single ‘Touch’ is a catchy pop anthem, and we can even hear subtle island vibes in the background.

The sets are very colourful and the pastel colours make the concept that much more appealing. Overall, the video is strong and we loved their signature dance moves and risqué choreography. On the other hand, one thing that caught our eye was the styling…

Putting aside our appreciation for a ‘Yeezy’ look and (prominent in the video) and a good thigh high boot, Perrie’s sweater and corset combination is perplexing. Although the gorgeous singer can pull off pretty much anything, we’re wondering: is this a weird new trend or a fashion faux-pas?

With so many music videos being uploaded everyday, things can easily start looking a little dull, and a creative vision for styling is essential, so the effort to think outside the box is understandable. However, this ensemble wasn’t flattering at all.

Our thoughts? An overall, YAY for the music, but NAY for styling. Sound off in the comments below to share your opinions on LM’s outfits!

Diana Espir

Written by Diana Espir