Our Favorite Pop Princess Rihanna Drops New Single – Read More Here! @Rihanna



Rihanna has surprised us all by releasing her new song “B**** Better Have My Money“, however her fans were devastated to know they were only merely snippets of the actual song. The song is from the awaited album “R8“. After this artist has spent time, at fashion shows and on the media, and recently the release of her new movie “Home” we finally thought she would drop the entire album.

With the snippets it leaves a lot to be imagined but so far we are excited to listen to the rest of the song and hopefully someday her album. For now we will just keep copying and pasting the snippets in hopes of making a full song.

All she gave us besides the preview was the album art and possibly the reason for her creative motive of the new album, its centered around Frida Kahlo, so in ways we expect a masterpiece from this starlet, and we expect nothing less! Need some laughs? Check out her fans funny reactions to the snippets being released on twitter under the hashtage #Rihanna!