Paris Smith Talks “Every Witch Way” Season 3 – Read the Q&A! (@ParissTweets)

EVERY WITCH WAY SEASON 3 GALLERYSeason three of Nickelodeon’s Every Witch Way is back with another round of enchantments and CS4U got the scoop from Paris Smith, who plays Maddie Van Pelt on the show, about what we can expect from the new season.

This season, the summer is almost over and the kids are enjoying the beach and their time off. Diego (Tyler Alvarez), Daniel (Nick Merico) and Emma (Paola Andino) are working at The Beachside Seven, the gang’s new hangout where Maddie (Paris Smith), the Panthers and Andi (Daniela Nieves) visit.  Meanwhile, Jax (Rahart Adams) is stuck attending Rebel’s Boot Camp where he meets a mysterious troublemaker, Mia (Elizabeth Elias). Mia’s a rebellious witch with a short temper, impulsive nature, laser sharp magic skills… and a thing for Daniel.

In our Q&A with Paris Smith, the 14-year-old actress talks about where we can see her character this season on Every Witch Way, Maddie’s relationship with Diego, her favorite part about playing Maddie, and more.

Every With Way premieres TONIGHT, January 5th @ 7PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon and will continue to air new episodes throughout the week.


CS4U: What can you tease about the upcoming season of  Every Witch Way?

Paris Smith: “Theres definitely a lot of drama this season. We’re filming at a new location called The Beachside Seven, and that’s definitely everyone’s hangout. Another thing that’s new on season three of Every Witch Way is the new character Mia, played by Elizabeth Elias. Mia is a huge trouble maker and she loves to stir the pot. Last season you saw the build up of Maddie and Diego being girlfriend and boyfriend, and this season you see how they handle the relationship.”


CS4U: What would you say is your favorite thing about playing Maddie?

Paris Smith: “My favorite thing about Maddie is the fact that she’s so fashionable! I love her wardrobe. I always look forward to the fittings because her wardrobe is just phenomenal. I love the fact that Maddie is so close with the Panthers, too. They’ve been her best friends and they’re always there for her. I also love the fact that Diego is Maddie’s boyfriend. I think the fact that Diego brought out a different emotional and vulnerable side of her in season two is definitely a huge thing for me and all my fans. This season there’s also a lot of bickering between Maddie and her mom.”


CS4U: You started acting at a very young age. Do you have any advice for aspiring actors when it comes to balancing a childhood, school and work?

Paris Smith: “My advice to aspiring actors is that you definitely have to be focused in both school and acting. School and acting are my number one priority. Last year, I earned a 4.0 GPA and I’m a year ahead. It an be a little tricky to find time to balance school and acting but you just have to make it work. You definitely have to be focused and always follow your dreams. If you have a dream, keep working for it. There’s nothing more rewarding than living your dream. I’m living my dream right now with Every Witch Way, so I definitely think you need to follow your dreams and never be afraid to be yourself.”


CS4U: You’ve released music on iTunes and YouTube and you’ve done theater. Do you have any plans to pursue a music career or return to musical theater in the near future?

Paris Smith: “Yes, I definitely want to get back into music. I love singing and I think it’s a great way to release emotions, so I would love to get back to working on music very soon!”


CS4U: Since our website is called CelebSecrets4U Do you have any secrets or hidden talents that you would like to share with your fan?

Paris Smith: “I don’t really know if it’s a secret but one thing that I’ve always done since I was a little kid is that I never wear matching socks. Unless if they’re knee highs — then I have to wear matching ones! I won’t wear a black knee high sock with a white one, but I definitely never wear matching socks!”

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