Peyton Gilliland Unveils New Song “Ones That Leave” (Premiere)

The 16-year-old gave Celeb Secrets first dibs to hear her new track.

Peyton Gilliland thinks about what could have been with past relationships in her new song “Ones That Leave.”

Premiering on Celeb Secrets today, the track is about how after the relationship is over, Gilliland tends to remember them better than they were and pick out all the little things she may have done wrong.

“Sometimes it is hard to love in the moment and easier to fantasize about what could have been. This person has done this so many times she knows that she’s been there before, ‘heart so full of scares, I stopped keeping score, I can’t feel the good parts no more’ unable to love in the moment but tortured by what could have been once it is over,” she tells Celeb Secrets.

Written on her farm, the 16-year-old teamed up with her favorite songwriters Hannah Arn, Jason Lane, Craig Wilson, John Salaway and out of the five songs they wrote that session, “Ones That Leave” stood out to them the most.

“This song was written at our farm. We asked some of my favorite songwriters, (Hannah Arn, Jason Lane, Craig Wilson, John Salaway) to leave Nashville for a three day marathon of writes and one of those days we wrote a total of 5 songs. Everyone was basically toast but a very enthusiastic,” Gilliland tells Celeb Secrets. “Hannah Arn knew we had just one more in there and thank goodness she did because ‘Ones That Leave,’ was the last one of the day and probably my favorite song on this EP. Also notable, Jason Lane accidentally set the yard on fire trying to grill us supper… awesome songwriter…grill-master not so much.”

Gilliland has a bright future ahead, as new music and live performances are on the way.

“I just did a couple of writes and LOVE the songs that came out of them so there is new music on the horizon- live performances and we are going to record again with my producer Lincoln Parish, who is formerly of Cage the Elephant,” she says.

Listen to “Ones That Leave” below and let us know what you think of the track by either leaving a reaction at the bottom of the post or by sending us a tweet at @celebsecrets. You can connect with Peyton by following her on Instagram at @peytongillilandmusic.

Juliet Schroder

Written by Juliet Schroder

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