Pop-Tarts is Kicking Off a Crazy Good Summer with Jessie J, Rixton, and Jhene Aiko! (@jessiej @rixtonofficial @jheneaiko @poptarts411 #CrazyGoodSummer)

e44bb55e-4133-4c98-add4-d586e20a995c.HRPop-Tarts is giving teens the ultimate backstage pass to a Crazy Good Summer with the help of some of the hottest music artists. Pop, rock and R&B are coming together this summer in a first-ever collaboration between Jessie J, Rixton and Jhene Aiko. The artists are headlining the fourth annual Pop-Tarts Crazy Good Summer concert series.

The single dropped last week and starting today, fans can get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the song came together at PopTartsCrazyGood.com. Pop-Tarts will release new footage each week of Jessie J, Rixton and Jhene Aiko goofing around in the recording studio and opening up about the collaboration process with new artists they’ve never worked with before.

Superfans just unlocked the Pop-Tarts song, “Sorry to Interrupt,” after tweeting their excitement over the past three days. Check out Pop Tart’s Tumblr page to stream the song now and see the first episode of the behind-the-scenes video series.

Details of this year’s two free Crazy Good Summer concerts will be revealed on Pop-Tarts’ Tumblr page on Thursday, July 2. Teens can also try their hand at guessing the dates and secret locations where Jessie J, Rixton and Jhene Aiko will perform their new single “Sorry to Interrupt” live.

Check out the lyric video to “Sorry to Interrupt” below

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