Prom Cast Speaks Out On Their Own Proms!

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Are you excited for Disney’s “Prom” as much as we are? Last weekend, our Los Angeles correspondents attended a private screening with the cast and an exclusive press junket to talk all things about the movie! Yin Chang, DeVaughn Nixon, and Jared Kusnitz from the film dish on their best and worse prom experiences from when they were back in high school! Take a read on their stories below, and don’t forget to keep it locked here on CelebSecrets4U where we will be giving you coverage straight from the red carpet this Thursday at the El Captain Theater in Hollywood.

Q: Just for any of you guys who want to trip in your own relationship to prom.  I mean some people as it showed in the movie do go, and some people just have no interest in going.  Do any of you have I mean one terrific story or one horrific story about what prom meant to you?

A: “Well, Prom was okay for me.  I wasn’t really the type of person that was so gung ho about prom, and I actually wasn’t going to go to my own prom.  But my girlfriends begged me to go, and we’re all really close. But they all had dates, and I was the only one who didn’t have a date.  And I think that’s okay.  It’s like a good message to let girls know, you know, you can have friends with the girls. But, I would definitely choose Disney’s Prom experience over my own. I actually got up and like was on the dance floor. But on my own, I was just sitting there eating as always at the dinner table. I was eating the entire time. It was awesome.” – Yin Chang

A: I didn’t even go to my own prom.  I went to my friend’s two years after my own.  So I knew no one at her school going into it.  So it was an opportunity to just go and make a complete fool out of myself.  So that’s exactly what I did.  I got up right in the middle of the dance floor and started dancing by myself.  And eventually, everyone else just sort of started to come together.  So I’d like to think that I went to their prom, and definitely stole their prom and became like a semi-prom king.  Yeah, in my own mind at least.” Jared Kusnitz

A: “Mine was pretty just traditional, simple and hanging out with friends.  I do have an interesting story growing up there, though.  We were in a limo … I’ve told this story a couple of times, but somebody had bubble guts.  So it was really intense in the limo because we couldn’t roll down the window and the sun roof was broken.  So, we had to take in that weird smell. So we experienced that.  So that was kind of a horrific story for me because it didn’t smell too fresh in there.  But, yeah, I had a great prom.  We got out and I went with a good friend of mine.  I mean, I love to dance so I was letting loose on the dance floor all of us.”DeVaughn Nixon

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