Promise Of A Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole Collaboration, Read More Here


To Pimp A Butterfly” made big waves for the already rising artist Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole’s “Forest Hill’s Drive” put J. Cole back on the map. These two amazing artist are now revealing a new plan for 2016 regarding a joint album. The budding friendship circulated around J.Cole saying in an interview that Kendrick LAmar’s music could end gang violence in L.A. Both are huge advocates for anti-gang violence  in L.A. and exercise that belief heavily in their music. Kendrick recentky even released a new shoe line inspired by the unification of Crip’s and Blood’s.

Since the recent friendship J. Cole brought out Kendrick Lamar at his show in Los Angeles. Kendrick assisted Cole on his song “Tale Of 2 Citiez“. What do we expect from the album? The album will be heavy with jazz, and lyrical poetry. Both artist have shown their interest in this element of rap in their last albums and together the new album should be a heavy combination of both. If they have any other collaborations on their songs its not hard to imagine Drake being invited to rap a few verses.

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