Q&A: Andrea Russett Shares Beauty Secrets, Future Projects and Going Viral Accidentally

Andrea Russett attends the 6th annual Streamy Awards hosted by King Bach and live streamed on YouTube at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 4, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. (Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America)

Who knew that posting a video online about Justin Bieber can change your entire world upside down?

Ask Andrea Russett, the then teen from Ft. Wayne, IN that just wanted to see her celebrity crush.

“I got started on YouTube out of boredom I guess? The very first video that I did was a music video to a Justin Bieber song actually and originally was for a contest to see him. The video went viral and got a couple million views so after that I just decided to stick with it. I really enjoyed the process of filming and editing,” Andrea tells Celeb Secrets.

Since then, the 21-year-old has moved to Los Angeles and has blossomed into an Internet sensation that loves making videos, acting, and fashion.

“I’ve always wanted to get into the acting world, even before I did YouTube it was always my dream when I was little. So YouTube has given me the push to get to that dream sooner. I am so thankful for that. I’ve also always loved fashion, I mean, who doesn’t? It’s so much fun to put outfits together and do makeup and hair. It’s cool to be able to use the strength of YouTube to get into that stuff too,” Russett says.

Learn more about how Russett dealt with dating in the public eye, her beauty and fashion secrets, as well as her upcoming projects by reading our full Q&A below. You can keep up with Andrea Russett by following her on Twitter at @AndreaRussett.

Andrea Russett/Instagram

Celeb Secrets: How does it make you feel to watch your first video?

Andrea Russett: “Oh Gosh! When I watch my older videos it’s pretty cringey! I was very odd and weird but it’s funny too because it’s kind of like being able to watch video diaries from your past so it’s cool to be able to look back and watch that kind of stuff.”

Celeb Secrets: What are your secrets to always looking flawless on camera, especially for a busy person on a tight schedule like yourself?

Andrea Russett: “Thank you! The secret is to get a ton of sleep! I am basically a grandma I sometimes go to bed at 7PM!”

Celeb Secrets: You are extremely active on social media. If you HAD to be one social media platform, who would you be?

Andrea Russett: “I think I would want to be Snapchat because the filters are just so much fun!”

Celeb Secrets: You’re on holiday on an island and are only allowed 3 fashion items and 3 beauty products. Which would you choose?

Andrea Russett: “My gosh that’s hard! I would bring one bathing suit, one pair of shorts and a huge t-shirt. That’s really all you need at a beach! I would bring my eyebrow gel because you have got to get the brows on fleek, my mascara and some tinted BB cream to protect from the sun.”


Celeb Secrets: You’ve experienced dating under the public eye. What would be your advice to young people that are open about their relationships online?

Andrea Russett: “My advice would be to keep in private because when you make it public you’re letting all these people make assumptions and give their opinions and it can be very overwhelming. It can actually lead to the destruction of the relationship, because you get opinions from people who don’t even know what’s really going on.”

Celeb Secrets: What are your tips for dealing with hate?

Andrea Russett: “I would say make the block button your best friend! I mean a lot of people say: ‘don’t block these people just want you to block them because that means you saw it’ but it’s harder to not block them and have to keep seeing it and pretend you’re not seeing it.”

Celeb Secrets: What can we expect from you this coming year?

Andrea Russett: “I’ve got a lot of stuff I’m working on at the moment and I’m really excited! I’m crazy busy right now but I can’t talk about it just yet. What I can say is I’ve been working on a lot of acting projects!”

Celeb Secrets: We are Celeb Secrets, is there something about your that you feel doesn’t show on your social media and that people don’t know about you?

Andrea Russett: “I’m actually kind of shy! In videos it comes across that I’m very loud and confident and not shy at all but that’s when I’m talking to a camera and there is nobody in the room! In busy environments I tend to go a little shy and quiet and I don’t think people really know that. YouTube has definitely help me come out of my bubble and my shell!”

Written by Diana Espir