The Cast of Netflix’s ‘The Package’ Share Favorite Moments From Filming Outrageously Absurd (and Hilarious) Comedy

From the producers of ‘Workaholics’ and ‘Game Over, Man!,’ the raunchy teen comedy is something that will make you *actually* laugh your ass off.

(L-R) Luke Spencer Roberts, Daniel Doheny, Eduardo Franco, Sadie Calvano and Geraldine Viswanathan attends the Los Angeles special screening & after party For The Netflix Film "The Package" at El Cid on August 7, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Netflix)

Things could get pretty crazy during spring break, but what happens in Netflix’s The Package by far tops the list for the most absurd thing to happen on a vacation.

When Jeremy (Eduardo Franco) accidentally cuts off his penis with his (slightly illegal) super-sharp gravity knife, four pals — Donnie (Luke Spencer Roberts), Sean (Daniel Doheny), Becky (Geraldine Viswanathan), and Sarah (Sadie Calvano) — risk everything, including their dignity, to make him whole again. By the looks of the hilarious trailer below, we’re not 100% sure if Jeremy and his “package” are happily reunited.

Featuring a fresh-faced cast loaded with talent, The Package is that raunchy teen comedy you’ll be talking about with your friends long after you watch it. Plus, with Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson on the list of credits, you know that the flick will *actually* have you laughing your ass off the entire time.  

You can watch “The Package” on Netflix now.

Celeb Secrets caught up with the cast to learn more about what it was like filming such a crazy flick as well as working with such top-notch producers. Keep reading to hear what Doheny, Franco, Calvano, and Roberts had to say making The Package. 


CS: On a scale of 1-10 how fun was it making this movie?

Sadie: “12!”

Luke: “15!”


CS: What made you want to be a part of this?

Eduardo: “Well, it was very straight forward. It was a guy who cut off his d*ck so it drew me in immediately.”

Daniel: “Me too.”

Eduardo: “You don’t come across that very often. Usually it’s a troubled teenager running away from home or a troubled teenager doesn’t know what he wants in life. This was straight up a gang of friends goes to the woods, gets really drunk, and then one cuts off his dick and then his friends need to get his c*ck back to him. And so I was like f*ck yeah, dude, I’m all for it. F*cking went in 4 or 5 times to read for it, got it, was freaking happy, you know dude? My mom was happy, I freaking cried. It was great.”

Daniel: “Dude, did you cry when you got the part?”

Eduardo: “Dude, f*ck yeah. It was awesome, I was excited. Like “dude you’re flying out to Vancouver” and I was f*uck I need to get a passport! I didn’t have a passport. So I ran through that whole process, that was the most nerve-wracking day. It was like 200,300,400 dollars to get a passport on the same day. And it was so tedious and f*cking annoying, so much bullsh*t, so many hoops you had to jump through but it was all worth it – you know what I’m saying?”

LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 07: (L-R) Luke Spencer Roberts, Daniel Doheny, Eduardo Franco, Sadie Calvano and Geraldine Viswanathan attends the Los Angeles special screening & after party For The Netflix Film “The Package” at El Cid on August 7, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Netflix)

CS: What was it like making this movie?

Eduardo: “They really cut off my penis for this movie! I no longer have a penis! It was very painful. I no longer have a penis – I’m just kidding!

F*ck yeah! It was great. It was an experience, man, I loved it. I’ll never forget it.”

Daniel: “We’re all friends now!”

Luke: “We filmed in Vancouver.”

Sadie: “Yeah… deep in the forest and wilderness of Canada.”

Luke: “Beautiful British Columbia!”

Sadie: “So we did a lot of moving around.”

Luke: “And it took about a month?”

Sadie: “I think it took about 2. We moved around almost every 2 days. You would think when you watch the movie that we shot all in one location but it turns out that a lot of Canada’s wilderness actually looks the same. So we did a lot of moving around.”

Luke: “And it’s beautiful!”

Sadie: “Super beautiful!”

Luke: “It’s an exquisite, exquisite country.”

Sadie: “Yeah, it’s truly breathtaking. To get the privilege of getting paid to be in a beautiful place like that and play with such a fun script is a gift.”


CS: One thing that’s amazing about this film is the chemistry between the cast! Did you guys know each other before you filmed?

Sadie: “Thank you!”

Luke: “Aw! Thank you, that’s very nice.”

Sadie: “No!”

Luke: “No! We met each other at the table read actually and I think very briefly before that.”

Sadie: “Yeah, we did the chemistry read together. I read Friday and that following Monday we were up in Canada filming.”


CS: The producers of this movie are some serious funny comedians – what was it like working with them?

Sadie: “Yeah, they were on set a lot of the project. I think naturally it can be a little nerve-wracking walking into set with so many comedic powerhouses. On top of being wonderful producers, they went completely out of their way to create an environment that fun, free and high energy and really just allowed us to get weird and try stuff!”

Luke: “And that’s really important with comedy, to keep pace with the people around you, especially Eduardo Franco who is extremely funny and out there. When you have big names on set with you, it sometimes can feel jarring or put you on your heels – that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, they were all really nice. I was really grateful to work with every single person on this. They were all really talented, funny people.”

Eduardo: “Dude, they’re great! Like the Workaholics gang – dude, they’re super chill, they’re like homies, man. You meet them and you’re like yeah, these guys are just really cool. They’re just like great people to be around. It gives you a really warm feeling when you’re working with people like that are just so passionate and humble about it – that just have a smile on their face all day, every day. It helps out a lot during the whole process having that shadow cast over you, it’s a good wing to be under. It’s like Tommy in the Power Rangers movie when he comes in the evil Megatron and saves the kids on the train.”

Daniel: “They were really cool! They were there behind-the-scenes on set a lot of the time, hanging out, talking to us, giving us support and advice like that. It was cool.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 07: Cast and producers of “The Package” attend the Los Angeles special screening & after party For The Netflix Film “The Package” at El Cid on August 7, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Netflix)

CS: Who do you think this movie is for? Who do you hope watches this movie?

Eduardo: “Every mom in America! My Mom especially”

Daniel: “My friends, my close friend group”

Eduardo: “Adults with a sense of humor!”

Daniel: “And the great thing with Netflix is that when I was younger I had to go to Blockbuster and when I wanted to rent movies that were over 14-A, which is a Canadian rating, or Rated-R, I had to kind of sneak it through or find one of the clerks that I didn’t think would ID me but with Netflix you don’t need that. You can just watch it.”


CS: Do you have any favorite memories from behind-the-scenes?

Daniel: “Favorite memories… can you think of any?”

Eduardo: “When you got that fly with that like tea thing! The thing to make tea…”

Daniel: “Oh yeah…”

Eduardo: “Daniel caught a fly in mid-air – he caught it with a tea ball! It was f-in sick, it was way cooler than Karate Kid.”

Daniel: “The Craft Services guy – the guy who made food – was really good! What was his name… Joe…John?”

Eduardo: “He was cool! Good sh*t man.”

Daniel: “Everybody was really cool! And we got to film in Canada… in Vancouver, that’s where I’m from!”

Eduardo: *Starts singing Canadian national anthem*


CS: Can you tell me a secret from behind-the-scenes of making this movie?

Daniel: “The Workaholics guys are in the Illuminati.”

Eduardo: “Carrot Top is still alive.”

Daniel: “A secret… we used to play Sega Genesis in our trailer.”

Eduardo: “Luke accidentally overdosed on Flintstones gummies and had to get his stomach pumped.”

Sadie: “Well, one of our shoot days we got interrupted by a surprise guest of a black bear with a cub.”

Luke: “A visit to set!”

Sadie: “A nice secret surprise.”


Written by Cassie Hudson