Q&A: Zac Pullam Talks “Finding Carter” 2B + His Love For Sabrina Carpenter (@zacpullam12)

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CelebSecrets4U caught up with Zac Pullam recently, who plays Grant Wilson — aka Carter’s younger brother — on the series. Grant sees himself as the ‘replacement child’, describing this in a way that everyone simply looks over him. He rarely receives attention, making him very impressionable and skeptical. He has an online relationship with a girl he Skypes with regularly.

In our interview, the actor talks about how Grant feels about the new baby, his online girlfriend, and what we can expect from the rest of the season. Zac also shares his celebrity crushes Sabrina Carpenter and Jennifer Lawrence (we TOTALLY ship him with Sabrina, btw), his holiday traditions, and his brown belt in karate — make sure to read the full interview below!

Finding Carter airs on Tuesdays @ 10PM on MTV. In tonight’s episode, Carter’s relationship with Jared is tested; things come to a head between Elizabeth and Lori; and Max deals with the aftermath of his father’s trial.

Watch a clip + read Zac’s full interview below!


CS4U: Your character, Grant Wilson, often feels like he doesn’t get the attention he deserve, how do you think he will feel now about the new baby? 

Zac Pullam: “Hmmmm, well I just found out I have a “step” bother.  He’s 16.  Grant seems to be cool with it.  He actually likes Ben especially because they both seem to be Gamers.”

CS4U: Grant has an online relationship with a girl that he regularly Skype’s with. Can you tell us more about their relationship?

Zac Pullam: “Reagan and Grant had their first kiss in last weeks’ episode.  I guess you could say they are an item now.”

CS4U: Referring back to the online relationship, what are your personal thoughts about that? Would you ever consider one? 

Zac Pullam: “No, I don’t think I would ever have an online relationship.  I like personal face to face contact.”

CS4U: With the holidays coming up, what are you most excited about this holiday season?  

Zac Pullam: “Seeing Star Wars with my Dad.  Spending time with my family.”

CS4U: So The Knocks and Vinyl Theatre performed on the show this November, were you excited about that?

Zac Pullam: “I hadn’t heard of them but I really liked their music when I saw the episode.”

CS4U: I’ve been following your Twitter for quite a while now and I’ve been dying to ask you about your Twitter bio! You have  “Expolorer” and I want to know whether it’s just a typo or are you creating a new trend? 

Zac Pullam: “Explorer, means I like to go out and “Explore”.  Whether I’m on the Island where I live or in the woods.”

CS4U: Last Tuesday’s episode had a lot of surprises! Gabe getting a DUI, Carter and Jared, Carter’s party! What can your viewers expect in next week’s episode?

Zac Pullam: “Grant eats pot cookies and gets high.  He has no idea what is going on until Taylor and Max tell him.  It’s was a fun scene to shoot.”

CS4U: You recently turned 14 last September, Happy Belated Birthday! So what did you do to celebrate? 

Zac Pullam: “Well, my BD was on Labor Day so we weren’t working.  I was with my family, Mom, Dad, both sets of grandparents.  But the weekend after, when we got back to Atlanta, the cast and I went Go-Karting and had a blast.”

CS4U: Do you have any celebrity crushes that you would like to guest star on Finding Carter? 

Zac Pullam: “Sabrina Carpenter and Jennifer Lawrence.  I always refer to JLaw as “The Wife”.  Lol, my wife.”

CS4U: Since we are CelebSecrets4U, can you share a secret about yourself or a hidden talent that your fans may not know about?

Zac Pullam: “I don’t have any secrets I’d like to share, but something my fans may not know is that I took karate and earned up to my Brown Belt.”

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