R3HAB and Sofia Carson Drop Their New Song “Rumors” – Listen

Warning: you may wear out your replay button streaming this incredible song.

Sofia Carson R3HAB

Don’t you know the rumors? They’re true: Dutch DJ R3HAB has teamed up with Sofia Carson to drop a smooth and sultry new track called “Rumors.” It’s hot, it’s cool, and it’s a zillion other temperatures that will combine to send shivers down your spine. After listening to this song precisely 36 times today, (err, make that 37 as I’m typing this…) I’ve boldly decided that the plot of “Rumors” is quite possibly the most effective pick-up line of all time.

Hear me out: if someone caught your eye and then called you out on your tricks, you’d be intrigued, right? Especially if those one-liners have always worked for you before. But if then this person confessed they too had similarly sneaky ulterior motives? You’d be flabbergasted. And hooked.

A lot of girls are (understandably) taught to stay away from players. They’ll promise you the world, they’ll say forever, but they’ll only mean right now. And rumors can be damaging, blowing the whole situation out of proportion. But in the most fabulous role-reversal of the century, the girl in this song is a player too — and she’s down for the game. The sass!

Coming in at only 2:18, this infectiously catchy song is going to leave you wanting more in every possible way. Just a warning for you all, as I hit play for the 38th time today.

Take a listen to “Rumors” in the Spotify player, and check out the sneak preview of the video in Sofia’s Instagram post. Then be sure to leave us your unfiltered reactions below.

Kristine Hope Kowalski

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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