Red Rover, Red Rover, Bring Frank Ocean On Over

Frank Ocean

All fans are in distress wondering if we will ever see a Frank Ocean album or if it was all fabricated. Either way neither Frank Ocean sightings nor an album have appeared and his fans’s are getting antsy. A lot of fans have started to compare him and Rihanna on both’s lack of album or discussion of one. Rihanna recently released “B**** Better Have My Money” therefore her fans have cut her some slack for now but it seems Frank Ocean fans aren’t letting him off the hook. Frank Ocean promised an album in July, but it came and past and since nothing else has been heard. He must have a sense of humor the rest of his fans aren’t getting, for he then took to releasing “new” music on Spotify just for it to be revealed as his old album.

His album “Channel Orange” took the world by storm showcasing a true meaning of artistry in music. “Thinkin Bout You” took the throne as it was replayed, covered, and sung by fans of all ages and even other well known artist. This does put a lot of pressure on the artist to keep up the expectations of a great album to all his fans but we believe he can do it. We just hope he does to.


Until Then his fans have no choice but to continue to be trolled, pass the tissue boxes and hope he drops the album or at least an actual hint.

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