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Up and coming teen artist Tyler Shamy recently chatted with CelebSecrets4U all about the holiday of love — Valentine’s Day!

Check out the Q&A below.

CelebSecrets4U: What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?
Tyler Shamy: “Valentine’s Day is a day to express how you feel for anyone you’re romantic with, whether you’ve been together for 2 years or haven’t been together at all.  It has also been single awareness day for me plenty of times in the past, but sometimes that’s my preference 😉
CelebSecrets4U: How would you describe a romantic Valentine’s Day date?
Tyler Shamy: “Hmmm…depends on the girl you’re with because I always try to plan it around who I’m taking out, but a romantic dinner with a nice view, a walk in a cool setting like a pier or beach, and maybe a movie or going to a comedy show or something…
CelebSecrets4U: Since we’re all about secrets, do you have a secret valentine?
Tyler Shamy: “Well, it wouldn’t be a secret if I told you, would it? 😛  Maybe. To be determined.  haha

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