Review: Ocean Park Standoff’s Debut EP

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The time has finally come for Ocean Park Standoff — their self-titled debut EP is available now!

The band’s new EP is filled with a variety of songs that will appeal to the many different music lovers out there. The cool mix of song types give listeners options which can be somewhat rare in music today. Have you ever turned on the radio and heard countless songs that sound just alike? Well, the songs on Ocean Park Standoff’s EP will have you guessing if they are by the same artists after listening to them. 

Each of the artists behind alt-pop trio Ocean Park Standoff comes from a world all their own. A self-taught producer who built his own studio in the basement as a kid, Pete Nappi constructs deeply inventive productions equally inspired by art rock and underground hip-hop. A longtime DJ known for spinning at high-profile gigs around the globe, Samantha Ronson is also a songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who matches her lyrical smarts with a sonic ingenuity rooted in her fascination with obscure vintage instruments. And as a classically trained vocalist, Ethan Thompson has revealed his refined song craft in penning hits for major artists and performing at singer/songwriter hotspots around L.A.

Celeb Secrets had the chance to listen to the EP and are sharing our thoughts on each track. Check out our full review below and keep up with Ocean Park Standoff by following them on Twitter at @OPStandoff.

Lost Boys: “Lost Boys” is a real feel good song that will make you want to leave all of your worries behind and have fun. The lyrics are incredibly relatable to pretty much everyone because life can get a little hectic at times, and the song reminds you that every now and then, it’s ok to take some time for yourself and just get lost.

Good News: “Good News” also touches on the subject of the craziness of life and how it sometimes can get out of control. According to the band members, it comments on the idea that mostly all news tends to be bad and that we should celebrate the good news in life. This is definitely a sentiment that we can relate to, and the song does a good job of reminding us that there is “good news” out there.

We Do: This song is definitely one that you’re going to want to listen to when you’re hanging out with friends, or when you guys are out having fun. The basis of this song is just to do whatever you feel like doing with your buddies because you want to. Now, I don’t necessarily condone doing whatever you want to do just because, but the song definitely makes you feel like you and your friends can do anything. The lyrics combined with the upbeat music makes the song so enjoyable and perfect for a car ride with your best pals.

Photos and Liquor: Okay, so this song definitely took an unexpected turn for me. Compared to the other songs, this one is definitely a little bit more on the somber side. The song is again about relationships, except this time it’s about reminiscing about past relationships, or one relationship rather. It’s one of those breakup songs that will have you sitting thinking about the past. You can decide for yourself whether or not that’s a good thing. We do however, think that everyone can benefit from a sad love song every now and then.

Tunnel Lights: “Tunnel Lights” is an upbeat song that is a dedication to New York City. As we listen to the song, we can picture ourselves in the city waiting on the subway. It’s just an overall fun song. Even if you’ve never been to New York, this song gives you a great visual; especially with the great sound effects at the beginning, you just feel like you’re in the tunnel and the train is approaching. It’s great!